Thalia: Amor A La Mexicana
Thalia has done it once again with the release of Thalias new Album "Amor A La Mexicana" (Love the Mexican way). Thalia who's music has become popular all over the world seems to know what the people want to hear. "Amor A La Mexicana" which was released July 1st has 10 songs on it. The album is filled with dance songs and of as any other Thalia album it has 2 slow songs for those who love the slower Thalia. The songs on the new album are:
  • Por Amor (For Love): This song is as all other Thalia songs about love that has a nice beat. Noches Sin Luna (Nights Without A Moon): Another one of Thalia's dance tunes.
  • Mujer Latina (Latin Woman): A very fast upbeat song that has a lot of drums and is very danceable.
  • Amor A La Mexicana (Love the Mexican Way): Thalia's new single off the album It is a has a very latin feel to it in the way it is sung and the in the way the song sounds.
  • Rosas (Roses): A slow song for all those who love the slow Thalia ballads. Thalia's true talent shows through on this song.
  • Echa Pa' Lante (Move It Forward: This song is a very upbeat song.
  • Ponle Remedio (Give it Remedy): Sure to be the next Thalia hit song. This song is a very nice song sure to make you want to dance.
  • Es Tu Amor ( She/He is your love): A Slow song again this song is a really nice sounding song.
  • De Donde Soy (Where I am from): This song is also a very upbeat song.
  • Dien Por Ahi (They say): Another slow type song.

It is safe to say that Thalia's new album is filled with great upbeat fast tempo songs. This album is sure to bring Thalia another hit album. She is already adored in countries like the Philippines, Brazil, and many more. What country will she conquer next? I recommend you go buy this CD, it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Written by David M. Hastie