Sadly, as many of you have already mentioned, Mr. "Q" [as he's called in Texas], does have a hard time weighing his true and undeniable love for his late daughter and his well known priority - the balance sheets. He has only voiced objections to Selena memorials, etc., when anyone other than himself stands to exploit Selena's interests. The well known "pay at the door" memorial is a perfect example. His outrage that a promotor would "do such a thing," was unusual considering he was in the process of organizing the very same event [but the promoter beat him to it]. His reaction to Selena's "painting" is another such example.

The house - Selena and Chris were ordered to live on the compound. A three structure property owned by her father. They didn't have a choice but to live there and the house is deeded to a sole owner - Abraham Quintanilla. Chris didn't learn about its true ownership until after Selena's death. Selena's life insurance policies name Abraham and not Chris as benefactor.

The Waiver - Yes, Chris has already signed a Legal Waiver ceding Executorship to Abraham Quintanilla and forfeiting any past, present or future gains of any sort related to Selena's Estate. His "interview" demeanor, [whispering, head hung low, and only speaking on Mr. "Q.'s" command] doesn't serve Chris or Mr. "Q." who is rapidly and deservedly gaining a reputation as "a bully." Mr. Quintanilla's "strong arm" tactics are well known in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, McAllen and Houston. He shares these characteristics with Yolanda, who herself was a practicing tyrant regularly abusing most of the boutique employees.

The boutiques - Selena defended Yolanda to Abraham right up until March 31st. What forged their friendship? The not so well known fact that Mr. "Q." forbid Selena to carry cash under any circumstances encouraged Selena to regularly stop by the boutiques [this was witnessed by all boutique employees] and would ask Yolanda to take money out of the tills so Selena could go shopping. Selena's lack of cash was another reason why she was always asking boutique employees to lend her cash [which they did willingly],but it's unusual for a woman whom Billboard reported had earned an estimated 5 million in 2 years.

While Mr. "Q." will be able to prove that Yolanda took advantage of her "cash access," those amounts are miniscule compared to the 5 million earnings he will soon have to account for.

The Wedding - YES, they were legally married, but NO there was no "wedding." The only pictures taken of Selena were pictures of Chris and Selena when she was a member of her sister Suzette's wedding party. The "off the shoulder" outfit was easily mistaken for a wedding dress, but upon investigation, I learned the dress was the same worn by all the other bridesmaids. About the marriage itself I can tell you that Chris and Selena were as much a couple as are Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley and the similarities don't stop there. Similar to Michael Jackson's heavy handed and controlling father, Selena's father removed her from school in the 7th grade so she could work weekends and wouldn't let her carry any amount of cash. The similarities end in both family's religious beliefs. While both families claim to be Jehovah's Witness, the Jackson's are long reputed practitioners where as the Quintanilla's are not.

The gay thing - All speculation aside, I photographed a minimum of 20-30 gay women who during the trial, held a daily vigile outside the Houston courthouse. We asked them if their presence was organized or coincidence. They agreed to "on camera interviews," made references to Yolanda and Selena's well known lifestyles, and further, took us on "a tour" of the clubs the two women frequented. Not one of the clubs is a "straight" club and they're all listed as "Gay Hot Spots" in Houston's Gay Yellow Pages. When asked to corroborate/confirm whether the two women's behavior was of a "gay nature," [either with each other or with others] an overwhelming 98% responded affirmatively, the other 2% said, "I'd rather not say because I have to live here," another responded, "Yes," [but upon learning her statement might be published] she said, "I'm afraid of what Mr. "Q" will do to me, please don't get me killed." My most recently published article, "Selena - Was she or wasn't she, a question about more than just hair color," details much more on the subject. Anyone interested in Yolanda's confession should send me an email.

That people are so generally terrified of Selena's father, has not gone unnoticed by Douglas Tinker, who may or may not continue defending Yolanda.

Mexican Mafia - Yes, I interviewed their most notorious hit man in Texas who stated that Yolanda would be killed whether found guilty or innocent because she'd destroyed a Tejano role model. A day after the interview, the FBI asked me to report to a room they were using, adjacent to the court room where the trial itself was being held.

In the room, I was met by a Texas Marshall and an FBI agent who wanted to know when I'd scheduled my next interview with the hit man. I asked them how they knew I'd scheduled another meeting and they said, "We had a lip reader monitor your entire conversation."

They asked me to identify the Mexican Mafia spokesman and the hit man I'd interviewed from 5x7 color photographs they had taken of us during our conversations in front of the Houston courthouse. Needless to say, I've got far more to fear from "La Eme" than the FBI and suffered an immediate memory loss.

Another intriguing aspect of this case, was that according to everyone still working in the shops up to the tragedy, report that Yolanda had hired and starting palling around with an anglo woman with whom she shared extraordinarily long lunches at Yolanda's apartment. During their work day, they reportedly whispered in each other's ears and acted more like lovers than colleages.

Yolanda even financed her new friend a brand new car but upon hearing about Yolanda's standoff with the police, the woman boarded a flight to California. The woman has never been brought back for questioning and has never been subpeonaed by prosecutors or defense attorneys. I'm very curious about what she might have to say but neither neither party seems to want her testimony read in open court. So whether she or Yolanda were or weren't, we have to give Selena credit for defending Yolanda's right to work in the face of Abraham's lesbian accusations.

Selena's secret - YES,against everyone's objection, Yolanda became one of Selena's closest confidants. A person with whom Selena shared all her secrets knowing Yolanda would never betray her to Abraham because they hated each other. Unfortunately, and judging from the facts, their allegiances, the murder and everything else, I have to say that Selena's "coming out" announcement was imminent.

It may be chance, but nonetheless heartbreaking, that every time I've sat down to write a story about Selena, I can hear her voice on my radio.

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