The Revealing Story Behind Her Tragic Death
María Celeste Arrarás

This paperback book has 256 pages. It is available in both English and Spanish. There are 16 black & white photos in the center of the book.

María Celeste Arrarás, who lives in Miami, is the host of Univision's Primer Impacto, the number-one-rated Spanish newsmagazine show, which is seen coast-to-coast and in fifteen Spanish-speaking countries.

This books details the events Mrs. Arraras went through from the moment she learned about Selena's death through the trail including the interview with Yolanda Saldivar. There is no single big secret revealed in the the book. Instead, Mrs. Arraras said in a TV interview, Selena's secret is the whole story of Selena. Some of parts of the story I believe are more rumors then facts.

All proceeds from this book are being donated to a charity.

by María Celeste Arrarás
Fireside $12.00
ISBN 0-684-83193-7