The Selena Movie can be summed up in one word: Magnificent

Writer-director Gregory Nava did a great job with showing what Selena really was, wanted and accomplished. Mr. Nava went to great length to make all the scenes look authentic and original to what it must have been like when Selena was growing up. The movie starts out with the record breaking attendence at Houston's Astrodome concert. It then goes to 1961 when Selena's father first started the original Los Dinos band. Then quickly goes though the early years of Selena y Los Dinos. And then jumps to 1989. Even though the murder of Selena was downplayed with Yolanda only being present toward the end of the film, the ending was pretty hard to take. People looking for any information on how or why of Yolanda's reasons for murdering Selena will not find it here. This is a movie of Selena's life and not a story about her death.

Jennifer Lopez did a superb job in portraying the Queen of Tejano Music. Selecting a well experienced actress like Jennifer Lopez instead of someone looking 100% like Selena but not being able to act was a wise choice.

Jennifer Peña was the singing voice of the young Selena. Unfortunately, Jennifer Peña was too old to play the young Selena and of course too young to play the older Selena. Instead, Becky Lee Meza played the part of the younger Selena and played her part like a real pro.

Even though the film is almost 2 hours long, I wish it would have shown more of Selena early days on the road.

This film is definitely a "must see" for all Selena fans. You won't be disappointed.

Here's a photo of the older cast from the Selena Movie.
Pickup a copy of the latest Latina Magazine Apr/May 1997. It has scenes from the movie, The father's reaction, Jennifer's makeover and La niñita who plays Selenita.