EMI Latin announces the release of the soundtrack
from the biographical film about

EMI Latin has officially announced the release of the soundtrack of the biographical movie about Selena, a super production of Warner Bros.

The very much awaited collection of video clips in which the star appeared during her career, will simultaneously be released, and will include the most famous songs from her repertoire.

This soundtrack from the movie, which will be made available to the public on March 11, will contain beautiful songs that were never published. These songs were recorded during the years 1990 and 1995, some of them live during a presentation at the Astrodome in Houston, just a month before her tragic death.

Two new surprise medleys interpreted by Selena are incorporated into this new record of EMI Latin; One containing the songs "I will Survive" and "Funkytown", and another made up of the songs "Last Dance", "The Hustle", and "On The Radio".

The unpublished melodies that make parts of this soundtrack are "Where Did The Feeling Go", "Only Love", and "Is It The Beat". These medleys were recorded by Selena during the opening of her last show at the Astrodome of Houston in February of 1995. The five themes which where personally arranged by her, represent the "disco" music that was in style in the 70's. They were recorded using digital systems and 32 channels, which resulted in an incredible mix "because the voice sounds beautiful", declared Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., Selena's father, who intervened as the primary advisor to the makers of the film.

This movie stands at a level of extraordinary musical quality that reflects in the soundtrack, which is dramatic as well as funny and sad, added Mr. Quintanilla, assuring that this is the "true story of Selena and her family, starting in the 60's with the original group Los Dinos".

The project of using Selena's voice for the movie was undertaken by the Q-Productions studio in Corpus Christi, Texas.

In addition to the medleys in English, a medley in Spanish made up of the songs "Baila Esa Cumbia", "La Carcacha", "Como La Flor", and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" , all of which were great hits of Selena, is also included. This medley was also recorded live at the Astrodome in Houston.

Inspired on the movie, a new song entitled "Vivirás Selena", interpreted by Graciela Beltrán, Bobby Pulido, Barrio Boyzz, Emilio, Jennifer Peña (Jennifer and the Jetz), and Pete Astudillo was also composed for this soundtrack.

This song was taped in an emotional session at the same studio where Selena used to record in Corpus Christi, Texas, and was produced by her brother, A.B. Quintanilla III. It's author is Ruben Garza.

The total number of tracks is 11.

"Selena lived in the music and for the music", declared Jose Behar, president of EMI Latin.

"Her dedication and determination is an example that inspires all of us. This album with the music from the movie is an act of love that we have put together as if she was still working with us. The biographical movie of Selena exceeds the expectations of the movie. It is also, from our point of view, a justified and perfect timed celebration of her music", added Behar.

All the artist that took part in it agree with Behar.

The young singer Jennifer, who has been a fan of Selena's since she was a little girl, describes her feelings as being "profoundly emotional for having been able to participate in the recording of the song with which we pay tribute to Selena".

Graciela Beltrán stated that it was a privilege to be part of such an important project. "She was a great contribution to the regional Mexican music in the United States and also in Mexico and inspired us all to follow her example by crossing over ", said the singer. The movie, in which the role of Selena is portrayed by Jeniffer López, has been selected by the cinematographer Gregory Nava. It will open on March 21.

Advertising Department
EMI Latin, January 1997