"They want Bibi to be Selena"

According to reports from Hollywood, there is a strong candidate to
play the part of the recently slain singing star Selena,
considered to be the Queen of Tejano music, in a film on her life that 
was prepared by the chicano producer Gregory Nava.

The parents of Selena - - who will
produce the movie - - selected Mexican Bibi Gaytan for
the final part in the casting that seeked the person best suited to put a
little life into the filming of Selena, who would be murdered
months later by the president of her fanclub.

The preference for Bibi is due to her physical similarity with that of Selena
and to the fact the she's very popular among the Latin community in the 
United States, and those who follow her in Mexico.

But there's more than just similarities, it is said that she has 
greater advantage on the rest of the candidates because she has proven to be
great at singing too, which will help in making the scenes of Selena's musical

It's still to be seen if they're planing on casting someone to play the part
of radio shock-jock Howard Stern. [Probably not, since the film will not have
any part related to her death. -amh]

"Salma said NO"

The actress from Vera Cruz, Salma Hayek, to whom Gregory Nava
had offered to play the part of the deceased Selena, declined to work in the 
movie on the life of the Tejano Queen, since the memory of Forbidden Love and 
The Carcacha is still very fresh in the minds of the latin people of
the United States, for who the singer was a symbol.

"I will definitely not go to make the movie of Selena.  Her death is too
recent to make a film on her life, and I believe that neither I
nor anybody else can make a film that would be as good as her.  Nobody can
substitute her.", said Salma.

[Note:  I had a hard time translating the above article, that was originally
written in Spanish, to English.  Please forgive me if some parts of it doesn't
make any sense. -amh]