Selena Casting Calls

No, this is not an old picture of Selena with two of her fans, it's three hopefuls out of approximately 3,000 that attend the casting call on Saturday in San Antonio, TX at the Centro de Artes in the Market Square. This is the first out of four casting calls for auditioning for the part of Selena in a $20 million movie written by its director, Gergory Nava, who also directed Mi Familia.

According to Mr. Quintanilla, within the first week of announcing the toll-free number for information about the casting calls they received over 41,000 calls. Some girls Mr. Quintanilla talked too said they didn't care if they got the part or not, they were just glad to be there and honor her.

Try outs are being held in Los Angeles and in Miami on Sunday, March 17.

Mr. Nava said that the movie, Selena, should be out by the end of the year. They hope to start filming in May.

Pictures & story originally are from the Dallas Morning News.