Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer has been selected to play the older Selena in the upcoming movie Selena. Filming is schedule to begin in August.

Born and raised in New York, Lopez considers herself a Puerto Rican. Is probably best recognized as one of the Fly Girls on the hit comedy show In Living Color. After two seasons on one of television's hottest sitcoms, she got a chance to display her acting abilities in CBS's Second Chances co-starring Connie Selleca and Megan Fallows. Although Second Chances only aired for one season, Lopez's character (Melinda Lopez) was so popular, it was continued on Aaron Spelling's series, Malibu Road. Lopez was also seen as a recurring character on FOX's South Central, where she portrayed Lucy, who worked in the co-op market.

Jennifer Lopez stars in her first major role as Grace Santiago, a New York City transit cop in the movie Money Train. Jennifer's most recent project includes New Line Cinema's My Family, a compelling story produced by Francis Ford Coppola about the lives of Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles from the 1930s to the present.

Lopez's stage background includes performing Synchronicity in Japan with dancer/singer/choreographer Hinton Battle, performing the Golden Musicals of Broadway on a European tour, along with appearances in regional productions of Oklahoma and Jesus Christ Superstar.

This fall Jennifer costars in Jack, a comedy directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Robin Williams as a ten-year-old oby who falls for his Latina schoolteacher. Next winter she appears as Jack Nicholson's Cuban mistress in Blood and Wine.

Here's a few pictures of Jennifer Lopez
Here's a few more pictures of Jennifer Lopez from the Latina Magazine.

The role for the younger Selena has been reduced from over 20,000 to 6. All contenders are from Texas. The winner will be announced at a news conference scheduled for Tuesday, June 18.