From a televised segment on Ocurrio Asi by Jocelyne Katz:

Lorena Rodriguez, a mexican actress who plays a secretary on a soap opera, decided to try out for the part of Selena in the upcoming movie. Her friends and co-workers were always saying how she looked so much like Selena and that she should try out for the part.

So, she bought herself a plane ticket and took off to Corpus Christi. "At first he (Mr. Quintanilla) behaved kind of cold, asking why I thought I looked like Selena", said Lorena. "No, it's not me saying that I look like Selena, I have been told numerous times that I look like her. So, I figured that I had nothing to lose by showing up and letting you take a look at me."

Mr. Quintanilla, than said, "Look at all of the letters and pictures I get", and showed her a picture of a girl from Los Angeles that looked identical to Selena. She said, "You got me there...., I have go now." And preceded to walk out. But, Mr. Quintanilla started laughing and said that he liked her and took her to the studio and show her around for about an hour.

Later, Lorena recorded two songs for them. She said she was treated very good and that she was not told "yes" or "no". So she thinks she's still in the "ring" and has a chance to get the part.

When asked what it would mean to her to represent Selena in this movie, she responded by saying,"For me it would be wonderful to represent her, someone who left us so much in the musical media, she was a very sincere person. I would be very delighted, to me it would be an honor."

Meanwhile, like Lorean, awhole bunch of other women have nothing more than to wait for the phone call that will change their life forever.

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