May 31, 1996

According to Q Productions, no one has yet been selected to play the older Selena in the upcoming movie. They are currently considering two women. One is a very popular actress (no names were mentioned) and the other one was chosen from the casting calls held in March.

For the younger Selena part they are currently considering a girl from the earlier casting calls. Jennifer Pena was not picked because of her age. She's older than the 6-10 year old that they were looking for, but not old enough to play the 18-21 year old part. Plus her complexion and looks weren't what they were looking for either.

As everyone probably knows by now, Pete Astudillo will be playing himself in the movie. Jimmy Smit (Mi Familia) has been approached, but nothing has been decided on who he might play.

Filming is again schedule to begin in 6-8 weeks. The movie is targeted to be released by Selena's 2nd anniversary date of her death, March 31, 1997.