Selena the Movie

The "Selena" movie soundtrack is being released on March 11. The soundtrack will include 11 songs from the movie which is scheduled to premier on March 21.

The soundtrack will have two disco medleys: "I Will Survive/Funkytown" and "Last Dance/The Hustle/On The Radio." Both medleys were recorded during Selena's Astrodome concert which took place one month before she died in March, 1995.

It will also have 3 previously unreleased songs: "Where Did The Feeling Go?, "Only Love" and "Is It The Beat?"

The soundtrack will also have 4 spanish tunes recorded during Selena's Atrodome show: "Baila Esta Cumbia,""La Caracacha,""Como La Flor," and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom."

Another song will be, "Viviras Selena," a song written by Ruben Garza, and sung by EMI Latin artists: Graciela Beltran, Bobby Pulido, Barrio Boyz, Emilio, Jennifer Pena (of Jennifer y Los Jetz), and Pete Astullido.

Jennifer Pena, who admired Selena since she was a toddler, says she "feels profoundly moved for having been able to participate in the recording of the song that pays tribute to her."

Graciela Beltran reveals that is was a privilege to be part of such an important project. "Selena," says Beltran,"made a valuable contribution to Regional Mexican music in the U.S. and Mexico and by achieving the 'crossover' (into the english-language market) she spurred us to follow her example."

Track Listing:
    1.Disco Medley (I Will Survive/Funkytown)
    2.Where Did The Feeling Go
    3.Only Love
    4.Is It The beat
    5.Disco MedleyII (Last Dance/The Hustle/On The Radio)
    6.Blue Moon/We Belong Together Medley-by The Vidal Brothers
    7.A Boy Like That 
    8.Baila Esta Cumbia/Como La Flor/Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Medley
    9.Viviras Selena
   10.Dreaming Of You/I Could Fall In Love

Other songs being considerd:
    1.Give Me One More Chance
    2.One More Time