Selena, Part 1 - The Final Notes

This video retraces Selena's brief career and follows her fans in a pilgrimage to her home, her grave site, the Days Inn motel and her famous Selena's Etc. boutique in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Unfortunately, this video is recorded in EP (Extented Play) mode. This results in a lower quality looking video. Other than that, this video covers all aspects of Selena's musical career and briefly explains the history of mexican music leading to the present day Tejano music.

There are a few very short and low quality footage of Selena interviews/concerts. There's really nothing new in this video that's not covered in any of the books or magazine articles that are also available.
Also, notice that this video comes in two completely different covers! I guess the reason for this was because the first time the video came out, the cover failed to mention that part II of the video was about other latinos in the entertainment business and not on Selena.

Part 1 is approximately 52 minutes.

Selena, Part 2 - Latino Heritage

The second part doesn't really have much to do with Selena, except the comparison of some Latino's tragic death to Selena's. But, it does cover alot of Latinos who have made it in the entertainment world.

Some entertainers included are:
Gloria Estefan
Caesar Romero
Linda Ronstad
Freddie Prinze
Richie Valens
Desi Arnez
Carmen Miranda and more....

Part 2 is approximately 28 minutes.

Note: This video is not endorsed or authorized by the estate of Selena or any representatives thereof. No profit from the sell of this video goes to Selena's family or any charitable organization.
(c)1995 Simitar Entertainment, Inc.