Selena News

Yoland Saldivar was transfered to the Houston yesterday to stand trial on charges of murdering the Queen of Tejano music, Selena. She was heavily guarded while she was being transported.
Excerpts from Corpus Christi's Caller-Times by Rosemary Barnes:
Local philanthropist Dusty Durrill's plans for a seawall pavilion honoring slain Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez are back on the table.
Durrill said that without an endorsement from the City Council in the next 10 to two weeks, the community would miss out an opportunity for a nationwide radio fund-raising campaign for the Selena memorial early next year.
Some council members, including Mayor Mary Rhodes, said they like Durrill's proposal and would welcome private funding for the memorial.

Excerpts from Billboard, September 23, 1995:
"On November 15, EMI Latin is slated to release "Selena Remembered," a longform video biography of Selena containing seldom-seen footage of her personal and professional life.
"Last week, EMI Latin released 'Techno Cumbia' and the title track to Selena's blockbuster album 'Dreaming of You.'
"And as many of you know, Q Productions, owned by Selena's father; Abraham Quntanilla, is executive producing a biopic of Selena with Esparza/Katz Productions. Noted director Gregory Nava will helm the film. Selena's brother; Abraham III, better known as A.B., will produce and original soundtrack for his Phat Kat Groove Productions.
"A.B. says the soundtrack will contain rerecorded versions of Selena's Spanish and English language hits, plus new English language material, such as 'Oh No,' a cumbia-flavored song written by A.B. and Selena.
"Finally, an authorized biography of Selena is due in March 1996. Co-written by Victor Villasenor and the Quintanilla family, the book will be published by Delcourt Press."

State District Judge Mike Westergren of Corpus Christi has barred the public from attending jury selection when it begins Oct. 9 in Houston.
No one without a pass or who cannot prove having business in 1 of the 5 courts on the 5th floor that day will be allowed off the elevators or out of the stairwell on that floor.
Only one televison photographer and one still photographer will be allow on the floor. There will be little to photograph, because Judge Westergren has ordered the windows of his court to be covered. All trial witnesses will be escorted into the court through a back door to avoid photographers.
There will be no live broadcast of the trial, but the Houston Chronicle's on-line service is seeking the rights to carry testimony by computer. No decision has been make on that request.
So the word from the court is "Don't Come!"
Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, said in a news conference in Corpus Christi that he would have complete control of the film being made of his daughter. Mr. Quintanilla said, "Nobody knows more about my daughter and our life than I do". The film's director, Gregory Nava, said the March 31 shooting death of Selena would not be depicted in the film.
Mr. Quintanilla also said that her band, Los Dinos, will break up after a farewell tour next spring.
The District Judge Mike Westergren of Corpus Christi rejected Doug Tinker's, attorney for Yolanda Saldivar, request to delay grand jury action on an embezzlement case against his client. He said an indictment could delay her murder trial.
The District Judge Mike Westergren of Corpus Christi rejected Court TV and Univision request to provide live coverage of the trial of Yolanda Saldivar. He said he wanted to guard against adverse publicity. Both the District Attorney and the defense attorney opposed cameras in the courtroom. The trial is set to begin on Oct 9 in Houston.
Just heard that Abraham Quintanilla has agreed to produce a movie of Selena. He will be the Executive Producer. Filming will start next Feb. The movie should be ready by the summer of 1996.
There was a Special on Christina tonight with Selena's father, brother, sister and husband. They answered basic questions and cleared up some rumors. Selena's father said that they were near on closing a deal with making a movie of Selena. At the end of the special, 3 of her cousins' sang a song they made for her. Her bother, husband and Pete Astudillo sang a song that they made for her too. They both were very nice.
Reuben Marlett from Broolyn appeared on Entertainment Tonight, discussing his plans to make a movie on Selena. He's trying to make it authorised, but said that there were a few problems.
Selena new CD, Dreaming of You, sold 175,000 copies on the day it was released, July 18. It made number 1 on Billboard's pop chart on the CD's debut week, selling more than 331,000 copies. EMI Latin's president estimated that the album actually sold more than 700,000 copies last week because Billboard's does not include discount stores and many small shops specializing in Latin music.
Yolanda Saldivar's bail was reduced from $500,000 to $200,000 by District Judge Mike Westergren. Yolanda will still remain in jail because she couldn't come up with the $20,000 bond required for the release.
For information on Selena's Fan Club: Selena's Fan Club P.O. Box 5421 Corpus Christi, Tx 78465-5421 Good Housekeeping magazine will do a cover story in Aug on Selena. USA Today will have a section regarding her new CD on their July issue. On July 16th Entertainment Tonight will have a story on her. And probably on July 17, Good Morning America will have something to say about her new CD. A motion for a change of venue and to have Yoland Saldivar's bail reduce is set for Aug 4. A bail-reduction request in May was denied.
In San Antonio, Selena's father meet with California movie executive about a possible book and movie deal. The family is considering several proposals from independent producers.
In San Antonio, Tx Selena and her group won 5 awards in the Texas Music Awards show.
On Entertainment Tonight Selena's father said that Yolanda's defense will be to smear Selena's name. "She took her life, now she wants to take her image" said Mr. Quintanilla. He doesn't plan to attend the hearings. "We know what she did and I'm not going to waste my time at that circus."
Houston happening: A tribute to Selena on Memorial Day May 29th at 4pm in the Houston Astrodome. Friends of Selena will include La Mafia, Roberto Pulido, Alvaro Torres, Graciela Beltran, and many others. All proceeds to benefit the Selena Scholarship Fund. Yoland Saldivar's request for a lower bond (from $500,000 to $10,000) was denied Thursday. Yolanda has pleaded not guilty. The trial is scheduled for Oct 9.
Selena's new album featuring her new english songs will be available July 18. The 13-track Dreaming of You package will include four English songs, two English/Spanish duets with David Byrne and the Barrio Boyzz, two numbers from the movie Don Juan DeMarco, her hit Amor Prohibido, a photo booklet and bilingual lyrics.
Yolanda Saldivar's lawyer (the lady who shot Selena) has requested that the trial be moved out of Texas. He also requested the the bond be lowered to $10,000. There was an interview with Selena's father and husband last night. They came on to answer questions and dispell some rumors going around. Selena's father said that it was not true that the Perez and the Quintanilla families were fighting over the inheritance money. Also that it was not true that they were trying to get Chris out of his own house. Chris said that he is shy and that is why he doesn't do interviews and not that he was told not to talk to reporters. He also said that the band members have talked about playing again but nobody has done anything about it. Selena's father said they were getting ready to reopen Selena's stores, both the one in Corpus and the one in San Antonio. In fact, the one in San Antonio was reopened Tues. They were also going to release the english songs she recorded.
Selena's albums soar after her death. Amor Prohibido debuted at No. 183 in June. It entered the Pop Chart at No. 36 last week and moved to No. 36 this week. Two weeks ago on Billboard's Latin chart Amor Prohibido went back to No. 1 and three of her five albums reentered the chart. Amor Prohibido had been selling 2,000 copies a week before her death; last week it sold 28,000.
Pocket Book announced Monday that its book, Selena: The Phenomenal Life and Tragic Death of the Tejano Music Queen, will be out May 1. The bilingual biography by Clint Raymond, will include eight pages of picture and will tell of her peace work among Latino communities.
The April 15 issue of Billboard has news of EMI Latin's intentions for the Selena retrospective CD. Among previously unreleased songs will be: 1) Four songs from what was to be her SBK English debut. 2) Three new spanish songs from EMI Latin. 3) A Track from the upcoming "West Side Story" compilation. 4) A bilingual duet with David Byrne from "Don Juan de Marco" 5) Four spanish songs she did with Mariache Sol de Mexico.
LULAC will step up the boycott against Howard Stern. LULAC Council 100 in Dallas will hold a news conference at 11am Friday at City Hall to discuss the status of the boycott and to announce an updated list of boycoot targets. Gatorade was one of the companies that said that it never intentionally bought commercials on the Howard Stern show, although one of its ads did run on KEGL in Dallas last week during the show. Sears spokeswoman Jan Drummond stressed that the company specifically has a policy against advertising on programs such as Mr. Stern's, but a communications error resulted in the airing of one Sears commercial in Dallas last week.
Texas Gov. George Bush announced today that April 16 will Selena Day. Sunday, April 16 happens to be Easter and Selena's birthday.
Justice of the Peace Eloy Cano issued a warrant in Harlingen Texas on Friday charging the "shock jock" (Howard Stern) with disorderly conduct for deriding the devotees of slain Tejano singing star Selena on his nationally syndicated radio show. If convicted of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, he would face a fine of up to $500. Grounds for the disorderly conduct charge were that Mr. Stern's remarks were abusive and alarming to others.
The New York City Council unanimously approved a resolution condemning Howard Stern's ridicule of Selena and her music.