Border Tejano News

Spreading the Tejano Word to Our Children

By The Border Tejano - Martin Leal

Hey Amigos! Sorry to say there is no story from the Valley this time. However I do have for you an opportunity to contribute to the study of Tejano Music. I received an e-mail from Ray Chavez, the Curriculum Specialist for Tucson Unified School Districts Hispanic studies Department. He is trying to develop a Curriculum Unit dealing specifically with Tejano music and the influence society had on it and the influence it had on society. He asked me for some help on getting information on the changes of Tejano music through its history and what was society like during those changes. I informed him that the best way to get the information he wanted was to talk to the people who were there when it happened. So Here I am asking you to send me your stories and memories to help spread the history of our music and our lives. The children of Tucson will be benefit from it and you will benefit from sharing a little bit of yourself with others.

Information to include:

* Your Name

* Age (Now) Age (Then)

* Occupation (Optional)

* Your Tejano Story, include as many details as possible, include popular songs and bands

* Economic conditions, Family size, Music styles, Tejano, Conjunto, Rock, .. What do you remember about life during that time period...

* Be Honest, and watch your language.

Please email to
I look forward to your e-mails.