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A Night with Eddie Gonzalez

By Martin Leal

The house is packed, the audience is waiting, the fog machine starts blowing its fog,the stage lights come on and the music begins "YO SE QUE AL VER ME, ME MUSTRAS DISGUSTO" are the first lyrics that come out over the loud speakers. The audience roars with Gusto as the show begins. The Band Is Eddie Gonzalez y Grupo VIDA and there will be no disgusto in the house tonight. The Band is made up of Eddie Gonzalez (Lead Vocalist), Tim Villanueva ( Percussion), Manuel "Manny" Gonzalez (Bass Guitar), Frank Tarin (Lead Guitar), Sunny "El Chaparito" Sauceda (Accordion & Keyboard) and Hector Florez ( Sax).

For veterans of Eddie Gonzalez shows, they know to expect a powerful high energy performance, for first timers, it is the first hint that this is not going to be your ordinary run of the mill show. The band lives up to its name VIDA, when you see these San Antonio boys up on stage, they are so full of life that it transfers to the audience, you get charged up and excited about being alive and being a Tejano music fan. Many fans get caught up in the show that some can go the whole night without dancing , others get charged up and dance the night away like never before. One thing is for certain, no one walks away con Disgusto.

I recently caught up with the band before a performance in Harlingen, Texas a few nights ago , The boys were jamming before they were scheduled to perform. At first sight,they looked like a bunch of guys just hanging around looking for a quick game of pick up basketball. As I got closer to the stage I saw Tim and Sunny working out the beat of a few songs. Hector was off to the side of the stage tuning his Sax, Manny and Frank were working on some cords, and right in the middle was Eddie, like a coach getting his team ready for the big game. Slowly, but surely it was all coming together. The band was working on one of their new songs "Mi Carkachina " which will be a on their 4th CD due out this summer. Their current CD "El Disgusto" is still hot on the charts constantly showing up in the top 10. The tittle song of the CD "El Disgusto" was written by the late great Cornelio Reyna . I talked with Eddie before the show and asked him about the death of the conjunto great, Eddie stated "I felt a big loss, I met him once and he was real nice to me. I respect the way he wrote music. He brought a lot to Tejano music and I know he would want his music to be played on as his legacy to Tejano Music." The band held a moment of silence in honor of Cornelio Reyna during the nights performance.

As the band headed off to get dressed for the night, the crowds stared arriving. About 30 minutes later, they were back dressed like Tejano music artist, from the top of their cowboy hats down to the tip of their cowboy boots. They took time to pose for photos with the fans and sign autographs. Then, it was show time, The house was packed, the audience was waiting, the fog machine started blowing its fog, the stage lights came on and the music began "YO SE QUE AL VER ME, ME MUSTRAS DISGUSTO" ......... it was going to be another powerful night.

Writers note: Readers, if you are interested in reading about your favorite Tejano artist let me know and I 'll do my best to write about them.

by Martin Leal
Texas History Teacher
Brownsville I.S.D.
B.A. History