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By Martin Leal

She's 21, talented, beautiful, single and she comes from a musical family. Who is she?

No, she is not the next contestant of the Dating Game. She is none other than Alma Pulido, daughter of " El Primo", Roberto Pulido and younger sister to Tejano sensation Bobby Pulido. Making her debut in the Rio Grande Valley with her father at the newest entertainment center in the valley The Tejano Saloon.

Alma was nervous as she came off stage after her first set, worried about what the audience thought about her and the few technical problems that her band had on stage. From the sound of the audience, they liked her. While she was on stage I talked with her father Roberto. "El Primo"shared his feelings of Alma following in his footsteps. " I feel great that she chose to follow my footsteps in the music business. I hope we have a repeat of Bobbys' success with Alma." He went on to state that " Alma always had music in her, as a little girl she was always singing." In closing "El Primo" stated that he "appreciated the support the fans have given to me and to Bobby" and that "I hope they support Alma too".

After her first set I talked with Alma, she was very nice and there was a pleasant air about her which made talking to her as easy as talking to a close friend. I asked her how it felt to work with her father and she said "It feels Great, working with my dad is an honor" further adding that " I hope he and Bobby ask me to work with them on one off their future albums."

I asked her about a statement that Bobby had made that she sang better than he did, she didn't agree , "Bobby sings better than I do." I say she is modest. "While Bobbys' style and my style are similar you can't compare them, he's male , I'm female."

While she has yet to sign with any label, major or otherwise, she is leaning toward signing with Capitol EMI and has yet to start working on her first CD . Her plans for the future include making it to the Tejano Music Award as a winner and enjoying a long career in the Tejano Music. Her Message to our readers is " I hope you enjoy my music and I hope you follow your dreams , just like I am doing."

In review of her performance it was a good show. There is a lot of raw talent there which will continue to get better and better as she gains more experience. Her first CD may prove to be a bigger success than her brothers first CD. Who knows ? Don't discount this young performer as just riding the family name to success. The Talent is there and she will make it on her terms and with her own style.

by Martin Leal
Texas History Teacher
Brownsville I.S.D.
B.A. History