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Tejano Saloon Opens

By Martin Leal

Pharr TX.: South Texas has a new place to party, The Tejano Saloon opened its doors to the public on Thursday Jan. 30. On hand for the Grand Opening were various community and Business leaders as well as Local Radio personalities from KKPS QUE PASA 99.5.

The new Entertainment Center will host Tejano, Country , Norteno and Big Band dances. Other events will include Live Boxing and Wrestling , as well as Close Circuit events. The Owner Criesanto Ramirez extended a personal invitation to our readers and the people of the Valley to "come and discover something new and different in the Valley."

Pharr Chamber of Commerce president Fred Klanke described the center as "A fantastic first class entertainment center , that will bring more development for our community"

The Tejano Saloons' Grand Opening was hosted by KKPS QUE PASA 99.5 radio station, and had the honor of introducing Alma Pulido to the Rio Grande Valley, Alma is the daughter of Tejano great Roberto Pulido and younger sister to Bobby Pulido. KKPS program director A.C. Cruz was all excited about the night for two reasons, 1) QUE PASA was the host of the Grand Opening to a new and exciting place ,The Tejano Saloon. and 2) they were repeating history, in Nov. of 1995 QUE PASA introduced Bobby Pulido to audiences in the Rio Grande Valley, now in Jan. 1997 they were introducing Alma Pulido to the RGV.

Alma Pulido was the opening act for the night, her father Roberto Pulido y Los Classicos were the main act . So Alma had her father and uncles there for support.

The Saloon has an old west meets the STAR WARS feel to it. The walls are made up to look like an old west town, the security all wear black hats with long black riding coats,the wait staff are also dressed in western attire. Then there is the state of the art light and sound system which can put on an impressive show. In the center of the saloon there are four big screens that hang from the ceiling . These are used to show videos and Close Circuit events.

According to customers Sevino and Tina Casares from Donna TX. the Tejano Saloon is an "excellent place with its western motifs." Their friends from Washington state Amelia and Bernie Martinez were equally impressed with the place, as well as the fact that Alma Pulido was making her RGV debut here, "we are fans of all the Pulidos."

The crew of the TV show PURO TEJANO was also there to cover the event, I am disappointed that they were rude enough to ignore the QUE PASA hosts, who strongly promoted the event and were there in force to show their support for Mr. Ramirez and his effort to promote our cultural heritage. I guess some people could use a lesson in the Tejano tradition of being friendly toward your host.

by Martin Leal
Texas History Teacher
Brownsville I.S.D.
B.A. History