Border Tejano News


By Martin Leal

There's been a major Disgusto in Tejano music, As of Sept. 22. 1997 Eddie Gonzales and Grupo Vida have split up. Grupo Vida Manager John Villanueva announced that Grupo Vida will continue to perform without Eddie and Are currently auditioning singers for the Band. John went on to add that Vida will hit the studios next month and hope to have a New CD out for the Fans by Christmas. Eddie Gonzales could not be reached for comment. Art Alvarez from Disco Sony stated that " this in no way affects our relationship with Eddie Gonzales and our contract with him still stands" I have reported on the band, and was there when they preformed at the "16 de Sept. concert in the park " held in Brownsville , Sunday Sept 14, 1997. . The Band got there in time to go on stage, Eddie was late and delayed the start by a few minutes. There were signs of tension, but most of us backstage passed it off to the show starting behind schedule and some problems with the audio system. Nothing Major. How little we knew. As a fan I am sad that this has happened, but as the old saying goes, THE SHOW MUST GO ON. All we as fans can do is wish Eddie Gonzales and the members of Grupo Vida the best of luck on their separate journeys down the road of Tejano music.

by Martin Leal
Texas History Teacher
Brownsville I.S.D.
B.A. History