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By the Border Tejano Martin Leal

Tejano Saloon, McAllen TX - The Tejano Saloon was the place to be on Wednesday night Dec. 17, 1997. The event was the KKPS Que Pasa 99.5 Unplugged concert featuring los hermanos Arreola, better known to Tejano music fans as LOS PALOMINOS. Johnny, James, Jesse , and George gave up their electric instruments and played an all acoustic concert, up close and personal for over 2000 fans that packed the house.

The Fifth Palomino, as Que Pasa personality A.C. Cruz billed him, Palomino manager Oscar Gonzales joined them at percussion. They started with their hit "Ya No Existe" and followed with one of the best concerts I have ever been fortunate to attend. Los Palominos set up on the dance floor, that's right the dance floor, I told you this concert was up close and personal. Fans had access to the brothers from Uvalde, going up to them while they were playing and taking photos with them, it was a special night for the fans, myself included. Los Palominos paid tribute to various Tejano legends, they sang "Por El Amor Al Dinero" in third voice to honor Paulino Bernal and "Las Nubes" to honor Little Joe.

A special highlight to this special night was when Grammy Award Winner Mando Lichtenberger Jr. of La Mafia joined the boys and on the floor to play accordion on several songs. I talked with Mando after the show and he told me La Mafia was just getting back from their concert tour in South America. About the nights concert he stated, "it was great to see the fans have a great time."

The other thing that made this night special was the price of the tickets FREE that's right FREE, Que Pasa 99.5 listeners were given the tickets that money could not buy to the concert by winning them on Que Pasa contests held in the weeks leading to the concert.

After the concert, I talked with Los Palominos, and Johnny wanted to make sure that the fans were aware that "Los Palominos were very grateful to the fans for giving them the support that they have been giving them that night and all these years."

Los Palominos currently have their greatest hits CD on the market, "Lo Mejor De Los Palominos". Look for their new CD titled "Te Seguire" scheduled for release in February, with the single "Te Seguire" hitting the air waves in January. Look for it.

by Martin Leal
Texas History Teacher
Brownsville I.S.D.
B.A. History