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BY The Border Tejano Martin Leal

Take two new up and coming bands, add one band on the verge of stardom and throw in one band that is already at the top. Then place them in a room with great Radio DJ's and over 3000 of their loyal listener's and what do you get? The KKPS Que Pasa 99.5 birthday bash. Friday night , Jan 16, 1997, the Villarreal Convention Center in McAllen was the place to be, as KKPS Que Pasa 99.5 celebrated it's 5th birthday and showed its appreciation to their listeners who have made Que Pasa 99.5 the Number One Spanish Radio Station in the Rio Grande Valley. How did they select which listeners would get to go to the bash? Simple, listeners were given chances to win the tickets that MONEY COULD NOT BUY through on air contests and drawings held at local participating businesses. Que Pasa DJs A.C. Cruz, Eloy Lozano , Bonnie Hernandez, , Rick Diaz and The Captain were on hand to celebrate with the fans as well as DJ's from Que Pasa sister stations KVLY and Q94.

Grupo Travieso opened the party, jamming out great cover songs and starting the night off on the right foot. They were followed by Espada Y Diamante , with the good looking ladies and guys of Diamante giving the crowd something to cheer about, besides great music. Around 9:45 , Intenso took to the stage . Singing their first hit "Duele", the fans went wild, especially, their loyal fan club that was there to cheer them on. Back stage, before they went on, Intenso lead singer Rogelio Campos stated that Intenso has just returned from a tour in Mexico and were preparing for a tour that will take them to Florida and surrounding states. He further added that the band had just released a video for "Quien Sera" from their first CD "Regalo del Cielo". Things are looking up for these Boys from Rio Grande City.

The Main group for the night was Intocable. They came on about 10:45 and played their hits until midnight. When they came on, the dance took on the feel of a concert, fans started to gather in front of the stage and did so until they took up about 75% of the dance floor. Before, Intocable went on I talked with Intocable main man Ricky Munoz backstage and he told me that the group was busy concentrating on their new CD, and selecting material for it. They have yet to come up with a title for it and plan to be in the studio working on it by late February or early March. The other major project they are concentrating on is the Houston Rodeo to be held March 1, at the Astrodome. Ricky was excited at the prospect of playing at the Astrodome, which can get attract crowds of over 50,000 fans. Yet, he seemed just as excited playing before the Que Pasa listeners. "we like playing at events like the Que Pasa Birthday bash, because we get to show ourgratitude to the fans for the support they have given us over the years". And show their gratitude to the fans they did with one tremendous show. While I was back stage, I was fortunate to be there when Intocable member Daniel Sanchez strumming on a guitar was joined by Ricky Munoz . The two started singing and gave those of us back stage a private concert live and unplugged. This was a very rare moment, and will be a memory to last a lifetime

The bands and the fans were not the only ones there to wish Que Pasa Happy Birthday. Letty Guval was there with her future husband Chris de Luna. Letty told me they have yet to set a date, but that it would be this year and not before November.

The night was everything it was suppose to be and more : Special. Que Pasa program director A.C. Cruz and his staff pulled off another great performance, just like they do every day on the air. I was listening when Que Pasa 99.5 came on the air for the first time at midnight five years ago and I could tell then this was no ordinary station. In five short years you have gone from the ground to the Number ONE rated Tejano / Spanish station in the Rio Grande Valley .

Happy Birthday Que Pasa 99.5

by Martin Leal
Texas History Teacher
Brownsville I.S.D.
B.A. History