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Marijuana Found on Tejano Legends Bus

By the Border Tejano Martin Leal

Seven people on board the bus of Tejano legend Roberto Pulido were arrested and the bus confiscated on Friday, February 19, 1999, after 5 pounds of marijuana (valued at $4,000) were discovered by Border Patrol agents at the Falfurrias Texas check point. Roberto Pulido was not on the bus. A Border Patrol canine on duty sniffed the pot out.

The band was on its way to Houston for a performance at the time of the incident.

The seven, which included 6 members of the Pulido Band and crew, were originally charged with possession of marijuana. The six members of the band and crew were later released after one man who was not connected to the Pulido organization and but claimed to be a member of the Pulido family took responsibility for the marijuana. Pulido family members do know who the man is and disavow knowing him. The bus was also released to the band and continued on its way to Houston before it broke down on the highway.

On Saturday, Roberto Pulido appeared on KGBT TV News to explain what had happened. Pulido was very apologetic about the incident and expressed regret about it.

He explained that the man (who has yet to be identified and is in not on the Pulido payroll) was a cousin of the driver of the bus. The Driver is a cousin of Pulido. According to Pulido the man had simply been on the bus for the ride, and brought the pot on board the bus without his knowledge or consent. Pulido went on to express that he had worked hard to maintain a clean image and be a positive role model and hoped that this incident would not damage his reputation and that of the band.

by Martin Leal
Texas History Teacher
Brownsville I.S.D.
B.A. History