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Bobby Pulido's Spectacular Rise

His first single, "No Se Por Que,?" has reached the Billboard's most popular hits.

Truly bicultural, he says he's quiet but observant. He confesses that his favorite hobbies are: fishing, hunting and playing pool. And that is his profile, basic, straight forward and true.

However, above all, what he's most attracted to is music, "a little bit of everything, especially norteno, Tejano and country music, because I am loyal to my Mexican and Texan roots."

This must be why Bobby Pulido's singing comes as second nature.

Loyal to his musical roots, combined with his enormous talent and extraordinary charisma, a firm place is being reserved for Bobby in the music world. His first release provides a clear indication that he is ready to cross over, also in spirit with the agreement he signed with EMI Latin.

His astounding first recording is titled "Desvelado."

Recently released in early December, his first single, "No Se Por Que," has already reached the top 40 among the Billboard's most popular hits. This is a significant achievement for a debut artist.