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The Latest "Norteño" Craze

Thanks to their music's original style and unique strength, in just two years, the group Intocable (or in english, "Untouchable") has become the latest sensation in norteñ o music.

The four musicians of Mexican origin were born in the border town of Zapata, Texas, where they were rhythmically influenced by the norteñ o genre. 'There [in Zapata], you can listen to Mexican radio stations better," said Intocable singer Ricardo "Ricky" Munoz, "That marked us forever," he said referring to the meaningful role Mexican music has played in the group's career.

Ricky just turned 20 years old. The other group members include bass player Johnny Lee Rosas, 22, electric bass player Alberto Ramirez, 22, drummer Rene Martinez, 23 and percussionist Sergio Serna, 21.

During the course of their careers, Intocable has established their own repertoire by transforming norteñ o music into a contemporary "Intocable" version of the norteñ o genre. To do this, they incorporate each of the member's distinct musical preferences and strengths.

The result is a conglomeration of Spanish rock with a romantic melody and an international appeal led by the norteñ o style. This, their formula to success, has been warmly greeted by their audience, who enjoys the variety of the typical ranchera and the traditional cumbia with the special Intocable arrangements that give their music a special touch.

Ricky explains: "This came about because of our reality, we don't have the same tastes. We believe in the same concept, so we have the ability to gather our individual tendencies under one style and use the instruments norteñ o groups use. Everyone contributes their ideas. These diverse ideas combine and make up the difference that our public sees in our group, Intocable."

And that is exactly what they did when they recorded their new record, "Otro Mundo" (Another World). First, they combined their talents in a first adaptation, recorded in the garage. Then they met with Jose Luis Ayala, and with his help, they made the final arrangements, "giving it their all, because the record is what matters the most."

The first single in "Otro Mundo" was "Parece Que No," which was immediately received by radio stations who played it throughout the United States.

You can not speak of Intocable without mentioning their youthful, innovative approach and their complete surrender to the music. Out of the 12 songs included in their album, 10 are unedited.

Intocable has visited a number of great cities, among them, the northern Mexican cities of Monterrey, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, and Tamaulipas. "Our goal is to give it our all and to please the listener, because the people are what count," said members of Intocable, as they began their recent promotional tour throughout California, which was a resounding success.