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Grupo Mazz Celebrates 14 Years of Success with the Launching of a New Album

The music of the group Mazz can best be described as a collaboration of familiar Tejano sounds set with more intimate, collective rhythms.

Mazz, (a name derived from the Spanish word for "more" spelled "Mas") is a group that lives up to their name, with each new album providing more style, more sound and more honesty, in a commitment that amounts to 14 years of more successful recordings with each new production.

Now, Mazz makes history with the launch of their most definitive sound, "Solo Para Ti," ("Only For You") delivering on all expectations with their new hit first single titled "Estupido Romantico," which has already made the pop charts in the United States and Puerto Rico.

This new album, "Solo Para Ti," represents the group's natural style and maturity. "It has more arrangements, more percussion and it is more thought out", said Joe Lopez. This sound is the result of an artistic experience that started four years ago with "No Te Olvidare."

"Solo Para Ti", includes a variety of musical genres. There is mariachi and huapango, cumbia, ranchera and polka.

The group came together coincidentally in 1978 when two good friends, Joe Lopez and Jimmy Gonzalez, both from Brownsville, Texas, born on the same date, decided to form a band.

Oddly enough, both were born in the same hospital, on August 28, 1950 and both grew up in the same neighborhood where they became friends at the early age of 7.

Joe learned to play the guitar on his own and taught Jimmy right away. At first, their music was influenced by The Beatles, Dave Clark and the Rolling Stones. Hispanic songs were scarce in their repertoire.

In 1969, after a few sporadic shows with the group "Phases", Joe joined the military. When he returned in 1974, he sung and recorded with 'Los Fabulosos" and later with Tony de la Rosa. During this same period, Jimmy was playing with "The Fort Brown Band"

When the opportunity presented itself, Joe was incorporated into the band as its principal singer.

In 1978, Mazz launched their first recording, a theme titled "Comprendo mi Amor." Their first album, called "Mazz," and the next, "Mas Mazz," were launched the same year. A brilliant career was thus initiated, full of musical hits and continuous triumphs.

With the evolution of their contemporary group style, and the expansion of their repertoire, MAZZ redefines the sound of today's popular music.

Joe and Jimmy have traveled a long way. They have earned Grammy nominations and multiple platinum records. What makes them most proud, however, is knowing that they have shared their music with a lot of people- people who believe in and live by their songs. "Our songs have a lot of love in them, that's what matters," they said.

Since the group was formed in 1978, they have recorded more than 30 records. Four of them, launched by EMI Latin, have gone platinum: "No te Olvidare," "Para Nuestra Gente," "Una Noche Juntos," "Mazz Romanticos Que Nunca."

The members of the Mazz group are: lead singer Joe Lopez, singer and guitarist Jimmy Gonzalez, conga and sax player Tommy Gonzalez, accordion player Homero Esquivel, bass guitarist Mario Gonzalez, keyboardist Brando Mireles, drummer Adolfo Garcia, percussionist Ricardo Barron, and singer Becky Baladez.