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An Artist of Many Talents

People always wonder what came first in Pete Astudillo's career: the voice or the pen?

What matters most, however, is that his talent is just as extraordinary when he's singing as it is when he's writing. And thanks to that ability, his natural gift comes through in his work, as is evident in the recent launching of his album titled "Como Te Extrano" ("How I Miss You).

With the magic that characterizes an instant great hit, the single, which bears the same name, has been an overwhelming success in the pop charts.

Pete Astudillo's prestige comes from his own merit, a career that virtually began since he was a child. It was as a child that he became fascinated with mariachi and conjunto bands.

In 1993, during the Tejano Music Awards presentation, Pete was declared the year's most promising singer. Months later, he proved this to be true, when he was given a Latin homage and awarded the trophy for song of the year, by Premio Lo Nuestro. His winning song in the general Mexican genre was "Como La Flor," ("Like the Flower").

Pete Astudillo wrote that song along with A.B. Quintanilla III. These two authors also composed two of Selena's great hits: "Amor Prohibido," and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom." In addition, this great duo also authored three songs which were prized by BMI: "La Carcacha," "Que Creias," and "Como La Flor."

Born and raised in the border town of Laredo, Texas, Astudillo discovered his irreversible love for music, living on the hope that some day he could record his own songs with a great music label.

His dreams became reality the moment he was invited to join one of the most progressive, talented, well-known and respected groups: Selena y los Dinos. The group was well-known in the Tejano market and at the international level.

Fans acclaimed his seductive and unique voice when he joined Selena in the recording of the duet, 'Amame, Quiereme?'

In 1992, Pete co-authored and recorded another popular duet with Selena: "Siempre Estoy Pensando en Ti" ("I'm Always Thinking of You"), which was included in Selena's triple platinum album "Entra A Mi Mundo."

As a result, the artistic twosome that Pete Astudillo and Selena formed achieved a nomination for The Best Vocal Duo in 1992 and in 1993 at the Tejano Music Awards, where he was individually nominated in the categories of Best Vocalist and Best Single of the year.

Considering his admirable artistic aptitude, Mr. Abraham Quintanilla of Q Productions decided to motivate Pete to form his own band. EMI Latin was in full agreement with the decision and the joyful result was the launching of Pete's first album as a soloist: "Entregate A Mi," which produced the hits "Porque Le Gusta Bailar Cumbia," "Perdoname," and "Entregate A Mi." Six of the songs included in this record were co-written by Pete.

The success he achieved must also be credited to the youth, energy and talent of Pete's group. which translates into a powerful performance on stage.

Pete Astudillo's group consists of five musicians: guitarist Jesus Ybarra, keyboardist Danny Fernandez, drummer Rick Landeros, bass guitarist Sernando Orosco Jr., and keyboardist and accordion player Johnny Saenz. With the incorporation of a second accordion in his shows Pete's presentation promises to be nothing short of electrifying.

Author or Singer?

Confronted with the question time and time again. Pete Astudillo finds the perfect balance. He treats both as mutually compatible art forms merging to fit into his artistic vocation: together they fonm a single motive, a single passion, a single way of being, a creativity that explodes with rhythm and words to become music: the most universal messenger there is...