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EMI Latin begins awarding scholarships in the honored artists loving name.

After a showcase in Las Vegas three years ago, someone told Jose Behar, EMI Latin's President, to stop thinking about it. She was Tejano star Selena, and few believed she could make it big in Latin pop let alone ever crossover from Spanish. They said the same thing in Miami. But he persisted, continuing to believe in Selena's crossover potential and he offered her EMI Latin's unwavering support.

Behar always thought of her in terms of crossing over, as a Latin artist, born and raised in the United States. He always knew Selena was destined to record in English to show her talent to the non-Spanish speaking American public.

Her career progressed systematically. She never digressed and so her big dream became a great reality. Not only did she win a Grammy and many times The Tejano Music Award. She also filled stadiums and theaters while selling millions of records.

The story of her successful career is well-known:

In perspective, Selena's tragic death marked 1995. Tragic and bitter though it may be, it also marks the year in an alturistic and imminently artistic way.

Those who follow Billboard, know Selena won the most important awards in the most significant categories. And this would not have been possible without her music's excellence and vision. All of her record launchings were accomplished with care, love, affection and good taste. And this is how EMI Latin has followed through in its commitment to preserve her memory and her music.

"What's important is that we've done what she would have liked us to do," said Jose Behar, looking back these last couple of months.

Another of Selena' 5 great accomplishments is the establishment of the foundation "The Selena EMI Scholarship Fund" which will begin awarding student scholarships in December. More than $300,000 has been raised via the sales of her music.

Each scholarship totals $2,500 a year, for a total of four years, a grand total of $10,000 per student. The scholarships will be distributed nationally, in honor of Selena.

Valuable Opinion

"She was a sister. The Astrodome rodeos will never be the same. We are missing her terribly," said Tejano and Country crossover star Emilio Navaira. Commenting on the immense loss in a year that will forever be marked by her departure and the example that her music and success leaves for the rest of us.

"She was a sister for the entire world. I remember her in her songs, her voice, her beauty. There will never be another Selena. We did three of the biggest rodeos in Houston's Astrodome. Tejano music will never be the same either," adds the artist, who considers the scholarship fund in Selena's name to be "a magnificent initiative."