El Primo gets his Statue

By the Border Tejano Martin Leal

Selena has her statue in Corpus Christi, Popeye has his statue in Crystal City, and now El Primo Roberto Pulido has his in his hometown of Edinburg, Texas. Unveiled earlier this month, the 300 pound bronze likeness of El Primo was sculpted by University of Texas Pan-Am professor of sculpture Dr. Richard Hyslin. If you are interested in visiting the statue it is located outside the Edinburg Municipal Auditorium, 415 W McIntyre St.

The Statue is also a part of Edinburg’s Tejano Walk of Fame. So far Five artists have been added to the walk. They include Roberto Pulido, Laura Canales, Johnny Canales, Carlos Guzman, and Gilberto Garcia. More artists will be added as time goes by.

I am interested in seeing who you; the reader would select to a Tejano Walk of Fame.

If you would like to let me know whom you would select, e-mail me at mleal@ies.net between now and November 20th 1999 and I will post the results by December. I will have three categories Individual artist Male and Female and Groups.

Please include the name of the artists Male and Female and group, you may want to include all three or just one. Please include a short reason why you made your choice.