Video Jukebox Vol 1

ARTIST:                    TITLE:                   From CD#
Ruben Vela                 La Papaya                7470 
Albert Zamora y Talento    Puño de Tierra           7432 
Marlissa Vela              Mi Primer Amor           7466 
Jackie y Romantico         Mi Titere                7453 
Grupo Sierra               Pacito Facil             7467 
Albert Zamora y Talento    Dale Kranke              7469 
Michelle                   Quiero Mas               7319 
Ruben Vela                 Coco Rayado               204 
Albert Zamora y Talento    Dos Corazones            7402 
Michelle                   Amantes A Escondidas     7319 
Purple Mushroom            Amor Para Siempre        7392 
Albert Zamora y Talento    Prieta Casada            7384 
Marlissa Vela              Te Quise Tanto           7466 
Rick & Carla               Kiss to Kiss             9701 

Ruben Vela — Ruben Vela is a musical legend who was born in San Antonio and began performing in the mid-1950’s. He has established himself as one of the most prolific and best known accordionist in the country. He is also known as one of the most active performers in the playing style that is deeply connected to “old style” tradition. Vela’s expressive and constant interaction with other members in his group helps create his smooth explosive sound. This Hacienda Video Vol. 1 features Vela’s giant hit, “El Coco Rayado”, which hit the charts in the worldwide “Latin Billboard Magazine”. “El Coco Rayado” was also nominated for song of the year in the 1996 Tejano Music Awards. His second song featured in this exciting video is his present hit “La Papaya”, which is already a top chart smash climbing rapidly in popularity and sales.

Albert Zamora y Talento — Albert Zamora’s electrifying hip movements have made him a tremendous performer. Young and old audiences are flocking to his exciting concerts in Texas, California, and other countries including Mexico, Albert’s appearances have earned him performances at national award shows and many special presentations. The talented Albert is also a songwnter, as well as accordionist and vocalist. Look for Albert Zamora y Talento’s exciting and powerful performances in this hot Hacienda Video Jukebox Vol. 1, which features his big hits: “Puño de Tierra”, “Dale Kranke”, “Prieta Casada” and “Dos Corazones”.

Marlissa Vela - Marlissa is known in the Tejano industry as a young, energetic and beautiful newcomer. Although this future superstar has only been performing less than two years, one can safely say that music is in her blood. She is the daughter of conjunto legend Ruben Vela. Marlissa regularly performs with her father Ruben and is rapidly carving her own niche in the music industry. Marlissa is truly a natural beauty with natural talent. Enjoy her hit songs, “Mi Primer Amor” and “Te Quise Tanto” in this Hacienda Video Jukebox Vol. 1.

Jackie y Romantico - Jackie y Romantico began performing to Tejano audiences throughout Texas and immediately captured the hearts of numerous Tejano fans. Jackie began singing in her church choir and drew a great response that resulted in her pursuing a career in her first love, music. Jackie has a strong showing of multiple talents. Whether it’s a traditional accordion driven ranchera or a hi-powered cumbia, Jackie performs with all the spice and flavor of a seasoned pro. Her single “Mi Titere” is currently a hot number on Tejano video shows and gives the viewer a chance to see the energy and excitement that makes Jackie y Romantico sizzle.

Michelle - Michelle’s vibrant voice earned her top billing as she toured with the likes of Vickie Carr, Chayanne, Juan Gabriel and Jose Jose, throughout the United States and Mexico. Michelle is a talented songstress and balladeer and is captivating in her warm delivery and enthusiasm. She has a voice that is versatile, expressive and always cuts straight to the heart. She crossed Tejano and International boundaries with ease and finesse. The beautiful Corpus Christi born Michelle recorded three albums for RCA and CBS International that charted with high popularity and earned her national recognition. Her videos, “Amantes A Escondidas” and “Quiero Mas” reveals Michelle’s beauty, talent and exciting on stage personality.

Grupo Sierra — Rosendo Beltran is the leader of this exciting group that is family driven. With a desire to succeed, they are definitely a group to be listened to. Consisting of family members, Grupo Sierra already has captivated audiences old and young, due to their originality and unique style of music consisting of strong melodies and a highly driven beat. The Hacienda Video Jukebox Vol. 1 features an original song “Pacito Facil” that demonstrates the good time flavor and danceable rhythms that makes Grupo Sierra original and unique.

Purple Mushroom — Purple Mushroom brings a taste of Latino rock, a new sound for Tejano fans. Look for these four energetic rockers to explode onto the music scene. Their first video “Amor Para Siempre” is featured on this Hacienda Video Jukebox Vol. 1. Purple Mushroom is a crowd favorite from Texas to Florida. Hacienda is proud to introduce Latino Rock to an eager Tejano audience.

Rick & Carla — Rick and Carla’s music is sultry, beautiful, warm and sexy. Hacienda Video Jukebox Vol. 1 also branches out to embrace the music of all audiences. Rick and Carla are one of the most in demand vocal duo in South Texas. With a full CD release on the market entitled “Just for Tonight”, they continue to draw crowds of enthusiastic listeners at each of their many performances. You don’t want to miss “Kiss to Kiss”, featured in this special Hacienda Video Jukebox Vol. 1.

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