Pura Vida backstage chisme

By Chito de la Torre
    Parecia un frisbee tournament the way the chisme and sentiments flew
backstage at the Pura Vida Awards. Por ejemplo, Delia talked about her recent
hospital stay that caused her to cancel a tour.  Elida told me that artistic
differences lead to delays on her upcoming CD, and the guys de la Tropa F got
a little teary eyed.
    They look tough.  They talk tough, y dejame decirte, they are tough, pero los
hermanos Farias de la Tropa F showed their softer side at the Pura Vida Awards
last Tuesday.  Me dijo Danny Farias, the manager of the group, que they have
waited a long time to reach the popularity they now have.  As A matter of
fact, they'll celebrate their 25th anniversary come September 22nd.  
    After winning one of the major awards at the Pura Vida show, (El Espectaculo
del Ano) it all proved to be a little overwhelming for Jesse Farias who was un
poquito choked up.  All the teary eyed Farias could say was "Man it took a lot
of hard work."  Pero para los hermanos Farias, last Tuesday proved that all
the work is paying of.
    Speaking of hard work, Elida Reyna told me that she had a hard time getting
her second CD together.  Artistic differences kept it from being put out
before, but now she says que el nuevo CD titled "Algo Entero" should be out in
a couple of months.  The CD features two songs written by Elida herself they
are "Porcelana" and "Te Sigo Amando."  She says the latter is based on a
personal experience.
    And finaly Delia Gonzalez had been scheduled to perform at the Pura Vida
Awards, but she didn't.  After talking to her backstage I found out why.  Me
platico que por poco se muere.  She had been having what she thought were
sinus problems, so Delia went to her doctor.  That was the day before a big
tour of the midwest.  
    Then on the day Delia was scheduled to leave for her tour,  just moments
before she was to board the bus, le llamo el doctor and said, "check yourself
into the hospital."  Apparently Delia developed something called vasculitis. 
That's a swelling of the blood vessels.  It started in her sinuses then went
down to her chest.  Aunque se veia chulisima at the awards, she says que it
will be a little while before she can perform again.  
    But not everything is going badly for Delia.  She also told me that after
leaving the Manny Music record label, she signed on with the mega record
company EMI Latin and work on a new CD is already underway.
--30-- (printed with permission)