Amber Rose to thrill circus goers

By Chito de la Torre
    One of the most surprising performances at the Ringley Brothers and Barnum
and Baily circus this Friday, June 21, won't be the flying trapeze artist or
even the lion tamer.  It will be 13-year-old Amber Rose singing like you've
never heard anyone sing before. 
    If you haven't seen her, Amber Rose thinks she knows what question will pop
into your head the first time you do hear her.
    "People ask `were you really singing or was that a tape?' And I say `it was
    But don't feel silly for entertaining the thought.  Amber Rose is the kind of
performer that can give anyone chills.  Even professionals are surprised by
Amber Rose's ability.
    "I think that she's quite a little talent," says Michael Morales who will be
producing Amber Rose's debut CD.  Morales, who had a pop music career of his
own in the 80's, is now producing some of the best artists around, like Emilio
Navaira and La Diferenzia. 
    Even though Amber Rose has not recorded a single song, she is already very
well known in San Antonio.  
    Last year she took top honors at the citywide talent contest held a Sea World
of Texas.  Most recently she was awarded the first place in her division at
the Night of Stars Talent Show last May 16.
    Although Amber Rose's family likes to sing at get-togethers, nobody really
knew she was so talented. "I used to sing Disney songs like the Little Mermaid
in my room or with my cousin," says Amber, but it wasn't something that she
thought much about until less than two years ago when she discovered singing
was her passion.
    "I decided that I wanted to sing when I heard about the death of Selena,"
recalls Amber.  "I saw her and saw how beautiful her voice was.  That's when I
said I want to sing."
    Since that time Amber Rose has won every talent competition she's entered. 
She's also signed a recording contract with Barbwire Productions, a
Dallas-based label.  Her music will be distributed by the mega-label Virgin
    According to Barbwire executive Jerre Hall, the company is standing behind
Amber 100%.  "We've enrolled her at the Seth Riggs Institute," says Hall. 
"Kim Wood is her instructor, and she's teaching her voice technique more than
coaching.  Amber is up to a three octave range now, and that's only after her
first four day session."
    Hall says Amber Rose's first CD will be mostly in Spanish, but it will
include some English songs because they don't want to limit her to one area. 
"She can do anything she wants to.  She's an amazing young lady."
    If you do see Amber Rose at the circus this weekend, here's what to expect.
    "I'm going to sing `Vision of Love,' `I Will Always Love You,' `Love Takes
Time,'  Whitney Houston and Mariha Carey are two of my favorite singers.  And
I'll also sing some songs in Spanish like `Baila Esta Cumbia', `Como La Flor'
and `La Cigarra' that's a song by Linda Ronstat that I won with at the last
talent show."
    If you want to get continuous information on Amber Rose, you can join her fan
club by writing to:  The Amber Rose Fan Club, P.O. BOX 3376, San Antonio,
Texas 78211.
(c) L-news, 1996
--30-- (printed with permission)