Jay stays with Sony

By Chito de la Torre
    There had been a lot of talk about Jay Perez leaving Sony Discos.  The word
was that he was to sign on with Barb Wire Productions just as former Sony
recording artist, Ruben Ramos did last year.
    Jay's contract with Sony had expired and he was working with them on a album
by album basis, so he could have left at any time.  He began talking with
Jerre Hall at Barb Wire.
    Barb Wire Productions is a Dallas-based record label that focuses on Latin
music.  But it is a very new label, so why would Jay even consider leaving
Sony for an upstart like Barb Wire?
    When Barb Wire singed Ruben Ramos last year, they told him that he could
record what ever music he wanted to.  If he wanted to do Tejano fine.  If not,
that was fine as well.  
    Nueve Vidas, Ruben's first CD with Barb Wire turned out to be a tremendous
hit.  On it he recorded all types of music, merengue, cumbia, mariachi, tejano
and even some R&B.  That type of freedom can be very appealing to an artist,
especially one  like Jay.
     It's no secret that although Jay loves Tejano music, he loves R&B even more.
 You can tell that any time you hear Jay perform a tune like Me and Mrs.
Jones.  Had he signed with Barb Wire, he probably would have recorded songs
that he's always wished he could record.  But there's also another reason Jay
was considering Barb Wire.
    Barb Wire Productions recently hooked up with Virgin Records.  Virgin will
handle all of Barb Wire's distribution, which potentially could be world-wide.
 Jay, would not have only had complete artistic freedom, but also the
possibility of  getting a hit record any where in the world, not just Texas,
the Southwest or Latin America.
    But when all the smoke cleared, Jay stayed on with Sony Discos.  I'm sure
Barb Wire was disappointed, but Sony must have made Jay an offer he just
couldn't refuse.  Who knows, Sony Discos may just let Jay record a more varied
CD.  We'll know soon enough.

(c) L-news, 1996
--30-- (printed with permission)