Buscando Una Estrella shines for Rick Orozco

By Chito de la Torre
    For 23-year-old Rick Orozco life is definitely good.
    The Country/Tejano artist already bought his dream house in Nashville,
Tennessee.  He's got the ideal job.  And he's just put out his first CD titled
Buscando Una Estrella.
    Things just seem to go Rick's way.  Two years ago the San Antonio native
moved to Nashville and with a little help from his dad.  "I made a deal with
him.  I asked him to lend me some money and give me just one week."  He hasn't
moved back yet.
    After making lots of calls, Rick hooked up with some writers and before he
knew it, he was under contract with EMI Music Nashville where he writes songs.
 "It's a great job," says Rick.  "The deal is I write 10 songs a year, but I
probably write 10 songs a month." 
     According to Rick he goes in to work at about 10, writes a little, goes to
lunch and heads back to work at about 2 p.m.  Although he keeps most for his
own projects with Arista Texas, the recording label he's under contract with,
you definitely know one of his songs.
    When Rick heard that Miller Lite was looking for a new song for Emilio
Navaira that would be used as a jingle as well, Rick and Bruce Bouton wrote
"Life Is Good," the title track to Emilio's first Country CD.  
    "It was a real coincidence," says Rick.  "I used to say `life is definitely
good' all the time.  I'd toast to my friends like that."  It's the earnings
from "Life Is Good" that he's used to buy his new two- story house.
    Currently Rick is one of the hottest Country writers around.  artists like
George Strait and John Michael Montgomery are considering recording some of
his tunes.  And another Rick, Rick Trevino, is about to release "I Wish He
Wouldn't Treat Her That Way," written by Orozco.
    But for Rick the biggest kick isn't writing for other people.  It's recording
the songs himself.   His first CD, actually an extended play compact disc with
five songs, proves just how much he loves singing.
    Because he's the kind of guy that fits in anywhere, but always stands out in
a crowd, Rick's CD is a mixture of both Country and Tejano.
    The first track of "Buscando Una Estrella / Looking For a Star" is a tribute
that Rick wrote for Selena.  Titled "Tejano Rose" Rick sings the song with a
definite twang.  But put the slide guitar a side and what you have left is a
bolero like the kind that El Trio Los Panchos would sing. Rick recorded the
song in both English and Spanish.
    "Yo Busco Una Estrella" is the name of the CDs fourth track.  It's a tune
that Rick wrote with another Arista Texas artist, Miguel Spindola of the group
La Diferenzia.  Rick lets his vocal ability shine through on this song,
sounding like a man who's heart is aching for a lost love.  Rick will tell you
that his singing style is a cross between George Strait and Luis Miguel.  And
he ain't lying.
    It's hard to say which song you're likely to hear on the radio first because
Arista Texas has done something no one else has ever done.  Instead of pushing
one single, they've sent out the entire EP to radio stations.  "We're going to
let them pick the ones they like," says Rick.
    Whether it's "Tejano Rose," "Yo Busco Una Estrella," "You Fell in Love" or
"Angelina," that stations play first, you're going to like it.  Buscando Una
Estrella is a great CD.
--30-- (printed with permission)