Jellybean, jumping with new artists

By Chito de la Torre
    Jellybean Benitez just announced the first three groups to sign with his new
record lable, H.O.L.A. (Home of Latino Artists) Recordings.  While two of the
groups are new to most of the public, one of them left an established label to
join H.O.L.A.
    Proyecto Uno left EMI Latin to sign on with H.O.L.A. and is scheduled to
release their first album for H.O.L.A. in August.
    Titled "New Era", the Proyecto Uno album is a little more mainstream than the
meregue hip hop you've heard on San Anto stations like KTFM and now La
Romantica 92.9.  
    The" New Era" album will inocorporate more house and bass music as well as
R&B. H.O.L.A. is banking Proyecto Uno will create good cash flow for them as
well as "revitialize America's dance music scene." 
    Also signed on to H.O.L.A. are two new groups, Reign and Voices of Theory.
    Reign is a young a Puerto Rican/Domincan New Yorker whose dance hall reggae
was presented to Jellybean by MC Shan, the producer of Canadian reggae rapper,
Snow.  Expect to here a single form Reign some time this Summer.  The album
follows up this Fall.
    Although they are not as close to releasing a single under H.O.L.A., Voices
of Theory are generating as much buzz as both Proyecto Uno and Reign.  A lot
like All 4 One and Boys II Men, the Philadelphia R&B group packs great
harmonizing into their music.  The five member group will release their first
single late in `96.

--30-- (printed with permission)