Emilio's back

By Chito de la Torre
    He may be singing about losing a love, but it really means we're gaining back
a little bit of Emilio.
    If you thought Emilio had left the Tejano scene completely to pursue a
Country career,  think again.  The Tejano/Country singer just released the
first single off of his latest Tejano CD.  Both the single and the CD are
titled "Quedate."
    The very conjunto sounding ranchera is reminiscent of Emilio's old style.  Es
puro Tejano and very danceable.
    It's such a treat to hear some new Tejano stuff from Emilio that even though
it's standard length, three and a half minutes, the tune seems to end too
quickely.  Pero no te hagas worry, porque Emilio's completely Tejano CD is due
out soon and will offer plenty more from the king of Tejano music. 
--30-- (printed with permission)