Independence day feedback

By Chito de la Torre
    From the West side to the East side, from California to New York, people who
have read my little articles on declaring our independence from injustice have
said "I'm with you!"
    What independence you ask?  The independence from all the talk about
Hispanics being the blame for our country's economic problems.  
    We hear things like: "speaking Spanish is bad for our Country," and that
"it's the immigrant Latinos that are draining the economy."  Well I'm fed up
with that kind of talk, and I'm putting my money where my mouth is.
    On September 16th, I pledge to not spend a single penny.  I will not buy one
stick of gum, will not shop for one stitch of clothing.  I won't even add one
drop of gas to my car.  And if you join me and the others who have come on
board, we will prove that we Latinos are a strong economic boost to our
economy, not a drain.
    Did you know that Hispanics earned $223 billion in 1993, according to the US
Department of Commerce.
    Using those 1993 numbers, we Hispanics earn about $610,958,904. in one day. 
Any group with that much economic power deserves much more respect than we're
    This September 16th, flex your economic muscle.  Let's demand the respect we
are due by holding on to what we've earned, our money!
    I welcome your comments.
--30-- (printed with permission)