Rick Trevino tops the charts

By Chito de la Torre
    A quick review of Country music's charts reveals that the man of the hour is
Rick Trevino, who's scoring big with his CD, "Learning As You Go."  He's at
the very top of both Radio and Records and Gavin.  And he's also reached a
personal high on Billboard's coutnry chart.
    "We were at number two for two weeks with Billboard," says Rick in a recent
interview. "That's my highest charting single on Billboard. To start off the
album with a number one record is the right way  to do it."
    This isn't Rick's first country success.
    "My first number one record was in `94.  Now it's a more fullfilling feeling
than the first time because maybe the country music world has really, really
accepted my music.  I hope that I can continue to put out songs that  people
can real relate to."  Rick's first hit was "You can't Say I Didn't Cry."
    But just getting another top song doesn't mean things have gotten easier for
Rick. "I never doubted that they would (do well in the charts) but competiton
is fierce and acts are coming out every day.  The bottom line is that there
are only so many artists that radio stations can play and the competiton is
fierce,  I just need the opportunity  to show my stuff."
    Rick also hit it big with his second CD.  Now his third CD, actually his 3rd
and 4th because there's a Spanish version out as well, is taking him over the
    "My first album had a number one and a top five.  The second had a top five
and this one has a number one on it.  I want to be a consitant hit maker.  I
set high standards and I don't want to miss.   A lot of artists don't make it
to their 3rd album,  so before you know it their perseption is not positive
from a radio station stand point.  Radio wants to play hit material."
    With CD's like "Learning As You Go," also known as "Mi Vida Eres Tu" in the
Spanish market, Rick will have no problem becoming the "hit-maker" he wants to
    By the way, Rick also deserves another congratualtion. "I got married on May
25th to my college sweethart Carla.  Rick says that as far as kids go, they'd
like to start before they're 30.  Right now, they're both 25.

Rick Trevino's latest CD is a double whammie.  "Learning As You Go"
is the country version and "Mi Vida Eres Tu" is the tejano version.

--30-- (printed with permission)