Tejano expert dips into salsa

By Chito de la Torre
    Ramon Hernandez is a walking encyclopedia of Tejano music. But it seems that
Hernandez, who founded the Hispanic American Entertainment Hall of Fame, is
chanelling his knowledge in a new direction and is marching to a different
drummer, a salsa drummer.
    Hernandez's mission is to promote salsa and merengue for RMM Records as the
Southwest Marketing Promotions Director,  right here in the capital of tejano
    "I love a challenge," says Hernandez.  "And my newfound goal is generating
airplay of salsa music in this market."
    If anybody can do it, it will be Ramon.  The man is focused and precise.
That's what earned him his title as the "Dick Clark of Tejano Music" when he
worked that market.  Now he hopes to be as successful in the salsa and
merengue market.
    RMM Records is the premier salsa label with such artist as Tito Puente, Celia
Cruz, Marc Anthony, and India.

Ramon Hernadez (right) is now the Southwest Marketing Promotions Director for
RMM Records, the premier slasa/merengue label.  Pictured with him is Bill
Marin, VP/Gneral; Manager for RMM.

--30-- (printed with permission)