That's all Jennifer on the Selena movie

By Chito de la Torre
    Everybody seems to know someone working on the Selena set.  "My primo went to
the Alamdome for the movie," a convenience store clerk told me.  A co-worker
said that her hairdresser is one of the ones working on the set, and a
chiropractor friend of mine says he's worked on Monctezuma Esparza, the
producer of the movie.
    Pero although everyone may know someone working on the movie, no one got the
scoop I got when I spoke with Mark Sanchez, the movie's make-up artist.
    "That's Jennifer," said Sanchez when I told him that some people are saying
that some kind of prosthesis had to be used on Jennifer Lopez who plays Selena
to make her look more like Selena.
    But Sanchez did say that they had thought about using a prosthesis but
decided against it.
    "Jennifer has a different nose," begins to explain Sanchez about why the y
even tried using a fake nose on Jennifer Lopez.  
    "We did 4-5 tests. No matter what you'll see the rubber nose."  According to
Sanchez, the camera can come as close as six inches away from Jennifer's face.
 With tight shots like that, a fake nose just won't work out.  But that really
doesn't matter, because Jennifer is a really good actress says Sanchez, who
has been by the directors side reviewing all the footage every day.
    Sanchez knows his stuff.  He was won a couple of Emmys and was recently
nominated for an Oscar for the work he did on "Mi Familia."  He has managed to
transform Jennifer into Selena, and he says that sometimes the resembles can
be chilling.
    "The first time I was making Jennifer up in my trailer, Jennifer asked if we
could play Selena and my eyes got so teary.  I had worked with Selena before,
and listening to her music and in front of my face she was transforming into
    Sanchez did admit that Jennifer is wearing wigs to help her look differently
as she ages from a teen Selena to the woman we all came to admire and love. 
but other than that, everything else belongs to Jennifer. " She's right for
the part," says Sanchez.
--30-- (printed with permission)