Elida to release new CD

By Chito de la Torre
    It seems like a long time since Elida y Avante put out a CD.  You might
remember their super hit "Luna Llena."   That helped earn them a Gold Record
with their debut CD, "Atrevete." 
    Plagued by problems, the group had to go back into the studio to re-record
their second CD.  Along the way, they signed on with a different label. 
Formerly with Voltage, now the group is with Tejas Records.
    "This record took a lot of effort sand we want to make sure our supporters
enjoy every song."  And enjoyable it is.
    Elida's vocals are mesmerizing and the Cande Aguilar's accordion licks are
one of a kind.
    The new CD, "Algo Entero," is set to be releases on October 8.  Their new
video should be on the air in a couple of weeks.  
    Stay tuned, we'll bring you an interview with Elida plus a review of this
great new CD.
    FYI: Tejas is a new record label, but it's not new to the industry.  They
also own Melody Ranch Recording, where artists like Ram Herrera and Elida have
--30-- (printed with permission)