Tejano's "ugly duckling" releases new CD

By Chito de la Torre

    It was a very revealing event.  San Antonio's Hard Rock Cafe was jamming
Tejano style last Wednesday at the Elida Y Avante record release Party where
Elida showed off her new CD and videos tambien.
    As difficult as it is to believe, Elida me dijo que she once considered
herself "ugly!"
    Today, Elida is one of the sexiest sirens of  Tejano music, and has a very
different perspective on herself.  
    "I guess I consider myself an ugly duckling," said Elida who all the while
was interrupted by admiring fans asking for autographs.  As she signed posters
with her left hand, she continued to tell me that  one of the songs on the CD
is based on her experience as someone who thought themselves to be less than
    "Piel de Porcelana is a song that I wrote.  It isn't about one personal
experience, but more about me growing up."  The words to Piel de Porcelana say
that while she may not have white skin, she is the right woman.
    "When I was growing up, people made fun of me because I'm dark complected. 
They called me names and told me that I was ugly, and I believed them.  I
always thought that I wasn't a very pretty girl, but now I'm proud of my skin
and proud of myself." 
    And she should be proud of herself.  Not only is she a beautiful woman, she's
also a dynamic singer.
    Her new CD "Algo Entero" lives up to the expectations created by her first
CD.  Pero do not expect "Algo Entero" to be un carbon copy de su ultimo CD.
    "We got to do it our way," says Elida, who now records for Tejas Records. 
And that is important to Elida who left one record label because she felt she
did not have enough control.
    "We had some creative differences with our former label," begins Elida
explaining why it was that she and Avante parted with Voltage Records. "But we
left on good terms wishing each other good luck."
    Because she and Avante were able to express their own creative savvy "Algo
Entero" salio bastante bueno.
    The first single, "Te Sigo Amando" is already a favorite on Tejano stations. 
The fast-paced ranchera was a good choice as first single from the CD, pero no
faltan de buenas melodias en este CD.
    "Solo Quiero Jugar" is a man-eating kind of song that Elida sings with so
much conviction, you just have to wonder who she's singing to.  Its a rocking
pop song con muchos pero muchos guts.
    "Prisonera" begins almost acappella before  jumping into a cumbia beat with a
very nice and slow accordion.  You gotta give Cande Aguilar, Jr a lot of
credit for his work on this CD because he demonstrates the subtleties of his
chosen instrument.  Although he's only 24, he's already put in a lot of years.
    "I started playing accordion when I was 10," dice Cande.  "But I was too shy
to play for anyone until I was 12."  When he finally decided to play in
public, it was on a Mother's Day, y dedico la cancion that he wrote himself to
his mother.  "It was called `Lupita' and it's the first part of the `Narciso
Martinez' on this CD."
    The CD moves from ballads to rancheras to cumbias and even to pop in an
amazing display of versatility.  Elida's vocals are as exciting as they were
on "Luna Llena."  "Algo Entero" es algo fabuloso!

--30-- (printed with permission)