Lizza Lamb looking good, sounding great

By Chito de la Torre
     "I decided that there was nothing I wanted to do more than sing," says Lizza
Lamb. A former Miss Corpus Christi, Lizza has the talent and looks to succeed
in any beauty contest. But she left the pageant runway for the concert stage,
a move neither she nor her fans have ever regretted.
    Performing is all Lizza has ever wanted to do. 
    "I was born to sing!" says Lizza who recently released Destino, her second
album under the BMG Latin label.  "I remember I was about four when I took a
hair brush, held it like a microphone, and jumped on top of the table to sing
to my parents."  Seventeen years later, she's as passionate about singing as
she was that first day.  
    Lizza is a natural-born singer.  Her voice springs soulfully from her heart. 
But studying in school choirs and with a mariachi has polished her God-given
talent to an intense and accomplished art that has earned her walls of awards.
    The release of her debut album, Yo Quiero Sonar (BMG US Latin)  launched the
small-town girl (born in San Diego, Texas and raised in Alice) to an
international level.
    Two of the singles off of the Yo Quiero Sonar album made a big splash. 
"Visitame Esta Noche" gained attention in the Texas market while "El Gorrion y
Yo" scored big in the US and in Mexico.  
    Now with the release of Destino, Lizza is destined to reach greater goals.
    Produced by platinum record producer, Mando Lichtenberger, Jr. of La Mafia,
Destino is filled with dancy cumbias, soulful ballads and heart-felt
rancheras.  "It has a lot of variety because we wanted to show off a little,"
explains Lizza whose vocal abilities cover every Latin angle: tropical,
regional, salsa, and pop.
    In addition to Lichtenberger on accordion, Destino also includes the
participation of talented performers like Los Palominos and JC Almanza
rounding out an incredible album.  
    Now the green-eyed brunette is pumped and ready to tour.
    "I've been working out two hours a day," says Lizza who pumps iron and does
extensive cardiovascular training with the help of a personal trainer.  
    Watch for her energetic shows, and be ready for some audience participation. 
"I like involving the audience, I bring people up on stage to dance and sing."
 You'll see Lizza across the country and in Mexico as she tours with La Mafia.

 "Everybody asks me about my last name.  My great-great grandfather was an
Englishman.  I guess I got my green eyes from him.  But I'm Tejana.  My dad is
five-four and moreno!" Lizza Lamb's new CD Destino prooves she's as talented
as she is good looking.

--30-- (printed with permission)