Borrego's mad at Hollywood

By Chito de la Torre
    San Antonio actor, Jesse Borrego has been a Hollywood insider for some time
now.  "Blood In Blood Out," "Mi Vida Loca," "I Like It Like That," the list
goes on and on.
    In fact, you'll be seeing a lot more of him come the new year.  But that
doesn't necessarily mean he's a happy camper.
    Borrego has major parts in three upcoming films, but according to Borrego,
even though he's well recognized, he still "just getting by."
    "Hollywood doesn't consider me a hitter," said Borrego who will be featured
in a film with Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich another one with Matthew
Bodine, and still another one with Jim Belushi.. All three are set for release
in 1997.
    According to Borrego, he may be working, but he isn't rich.
    "There's a big battle between producers and actors and it's messed up," began
explaining Borrego.  "There's a group of us that are always getting used
because we're good, but because we're not the box office hitters, we get stuck
in the middle. Hollywood is not that big. There's a group of us that are well
known and we are recognized but we don't get our due in terms of quotes."
    But Jesse's not giving up.  When I asked him if he's planning on targeting
new markets, he answered: "Definitely, but I do that because of an artistic
desire.  I'm not here to exploit myself to become rich.  I don't focus my
energy in that direction but realistically what I do is I'm a performer."
    One of the projects that Borrego is currently working on is getting a new
band together. "I'm going into the studio. It's a concept musical piece. A lot
of it is heavy dance rhythms."
    Borrego adds that he'll be performing his new music in the very near future,
and that his plan is to begin his own music label.

--30-- (printed with permission)