EMI drops Stephanie Lynn

By Chito de la Torre
    A record company drops an artist, y otra lo recoge.  That's the way it works
in la onda.  But there has been so much movement lately, que hasta te puede
poner dizzy.  So listen up, here's the latest onda news.
    Loosing out recently were Linda V and Stephanie Lynn.  Both women were
dropped by EMI Latin.  But it didn't take long for EMI to replace them with
new artists.
    Added to the EMI roster estan Lobo Cuatro (a new Tejano group under the
direction of AB Quintanilla and Pete Astudillo), and Espada Y Diamantes, a
group from Zapata Texas, the same place that Intocable is from.
    Of course when Delia and Dee of Culturas split up, both got picked up
quickly.   Delia y Culturas is now with EMI Latin and Dee y Grupo Valiente is
signed on with BMG US Latin.  Es mas, Dee ya tiene un single out titled "Un
Poquito Mas."
    Y para los old-timers, BMG has regrouped the seminal Chicano group, The Royal
Jesters.  Their first release is a remake of their former hit "Yo Soy
Chicano."  The Royal Jesters were the best thing since packaged tortillas back
in the 70's with their powerful brass Tejano sound.  But they got their start
doing a lot of tunes in English and their new CD includes some of that sound
    Of course that Elida y Avante left Voltage Records (and Sony Discos) is old
news.  You might have seen the review I wrote on them last week.  Their new
CD, Algo Entero, was produced under the new Tejas Records label.

--30-- (printed with permission)