No Mercy never quits

By Chito de la Torre
    "Darle duro" seems to be the motto behind the musical pop trio No Mercy. 
Although they had released their chart popping single "Where Do You Go"
previously in Spanish, they re-released it after the mind-blowing success of
the English Version.
    Check it out.  "Where Do You Go"  has already gone Gold.  It's at #5 on
Billboard's Hot 100 Singles, and # 4 on the Hot Dance Music chart.  On chart,
"World Chart", has the single at the top position in the planet.
    The Spanish version got a lot of attention in Miami, where the three members,
Mary Cintron, Ariel Hernandez and Gabriel Hernandez, originally formed No
Mercy.  The song was also a hit in LA, Chicago, and just about every Latin
radio station in the US.
    Since the English version made so much noise for them, they released the
original Spanish version along with a radio remix.  If you like it in English,
you'll love it our mother tongue.
    Now it looks like everywhere you turn, there they are.  I saw them on ET, and
they are soon to appear on Spanish language media like Sabado Gigante, Onda
Max, and Ocurrio Asi.  And if you're a perceptive person, you might say to
yourself "I've seen these guys before."  It's not de ja vou, either.  The
three were hired by the artist formerly known as Prince to dance on his tour
and appear on some of his videos.
    Pero let's back up a bit and tell you a little about the heartbreakers that
make up the trio.  They are muy internacional.
    Marty Cintron, is a Puertorican from New York's Bronx.  He's 25 and made his
way to Miami where he met the twins, Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez.  The
brothers (24) are from Cuba but have been living in Miami for some time.
    The three became friends when Marty met them at the twins place of
employment, a restaurant Marty frequented.  "The three of us have always kept
steady jobs while we perfected our craft," says Marty.  "There were definitely
times times when we could barely pay the rent, but we never lost sight of our
    As for their musical career, it's almost as if destiny forced it's way into
their lives.
    Marty was jamming and signing in Miami's South Beach when a European producer
liked what he heard.  When the producer asked Marty if he had a couple of
friends that could work with him: "I told him about my two best friends, Ariel
and Gabriel Hernandez who are twins and who like me were waiting for the right
opportunity.  Then, boom!, one month later the three of us were in a German
recording studio."
    For fans of No Mercy, it gets better.  The complete CD is out on the market
and began selling on November 12.  You better line up now.
--30-- (printed with permission)