Elida's on TV Guide

By Chito de la Torre
    Elida y Avante is making big news. .  It's enough to make you want to put
your remote away and pay attention.
    The Tejano group is the first to ever be featured on the cover of TV Guide. 
Along with the group, a special version of the "Algo Entero" album cover will
also be printed in the magazine.  Featured in the article will be the radio
single "Te Sigo Amando."
    Elida y Avante will also be making a special appearance on the Johnny Canales
Show.  It's not the regular show shot in Texas, this one is a special to be
taped in Mexico.
    For local fans, you'll have your opportunity to see them live and for
    It seems that Elida y Avante will be performing at the Raul Jimenez
Thanksgiving Dinner.  While the dinner is mostly for senior citizens, younger
people can see the group by simply volunteering to help at the event.  There's
no better deal.  You help others while having fun.
--30-- (printed with permission)