Frontera at Chicano frontline

By Chito de la Torre
Informative, a toda madre and written for people como tu.  That's Frontera
magazine, a national English language (bueno, con a bit of Spanglish)
quarterly that thorws a bronze hue on US culture and isn't afraid of using
the "C" word.  
Chicano issues are at the heart of this relatively new magazine that has
been published  since last December.
"Frontera focuses on the borderland, where Latino culture meets the rest of
the country," says Yvette C. Doss, Editor-in-Chief.  "But it also is at the
front era, or the new era," added the 26-year-old.
According to Doss, there are two reasons she and partner, Martin Albornoz,
began publishing Frontera:  "First, there was nothing out there that spoke
to me as a young English-speaking Latina."  And secondly, the
magazines Doss enjoyed reading did not have any brown faces or writers.  "I
wanted something for readers like me and writers like me."
Among the Chicano relevant topics covered are: affirmative action, illegal
imigration, and activism.  But Frontera isn't one of those angst-wallowing,
self-involved mags.   Frontera also includes way-cool stories like
interviews with roqueros like Dave Navarro (guitarist of the Red Hot Chili
Peppers), Frost and Cypres Hill.  It's all stuff that makes you want to
stand up and shout, "right on, ese!"
This fouth issue of Frontera features an article titled "The Gag Comes Off:
A Generation Speaks Out."  Doss who authored the article says: "After
interviewing over a dozen Latinos and Latinas, I came away with one distinct
impression.  This is a generation that is aching to join the national
dialogue, that has been hurt by the immigrant backlash sweeping the country
and wants people to know that."
 With a circulation of 20,000, Forntera still has a lot of growing to do.
"We hope to be up to 40,000 by the next issue," says Doss who is happy that
the magazine is not only distributed nationwide, but is also self sufficient.
Eventhough Frontera is distributed in Singapore and Mexico City, the
magazine is easy to find right here. Look for it at all Tower Records,
Virgin Megastores, and Barnes and Noble.  Or if the mainstream is too fuera
de onda for you, look for Frontera at San Anto's own Apple Records, the
Booksmiths and The Cool Room.  Pick up a copy and raise your concencia.

--30-- (printed with permission)