Selena receives some TMA nominations

By Chito de la Torre
    The big buzz en la onda Tejana recently has whether or not Selena
Quintanilla-Perez would be nominated to the 17th Annual Tejano Music Awards. 
The official word is yes.  
    Selena has won both Female Entertainer and Female Vocalist of the Year for
eight consecutive years.  She's also won each of those awards one extra time,
however, they were not in the same year.  This year, she will not win both
awards.  Now I ain't no ESP oozing psychic, but I do know that Selena was not
nominated in both categories.  Y aqui esta el porque.
    In order for an artist to be nominated for vocalist of the year, they gotta
meet certain criteria related to production values, i.e., how good they can
sing, and how good they sounded on their album.  There is no doubt tha Selena
could sing, and the charts showed just how much everybody loves her.  That is
why Selena was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year.
    The criteria for entertainer of the year, is different, because after all,
it' is different from the vocalist category. To be nominated for entertainer,
an artist must have performed for an audience within the qualification period,
November 1, 1995 to October 31, 1996.  Selena's tragic death of course kept
her from meeting that criterion.  Other criteria for the entertainer category
includes audience interaction, the stage show, everything that makes a
performance stand out.
    So who were all the women nominated for Female Vocalist and Female
Entertainer of the year?  Here they are...
    For Female Vocalist of the Year: Elida Reyna (Avante), Elsa Garcia, Jennifer
Pena (Los Jetz), Laura Canales, Letty Guval, Patsy Torres, Selena
Quintanilla-Perez, Shelly Lares, Stefani, Stephanie Lynn, Anna Roman, and
Delia Gonzales.
    For Female Entertainer of the Year: Agnes Torres, Anna Roman, Annette
Arredondo (Axxion), Delia Gonzales, Elida Reyna (Avante), Elsa Garcia,
Jennifer Pena (Los Jetz), Laura Canales, Letty Guval, Patsy Torres, Shelly
Lares, Stefani, and Stephanie Lynn.
    I'll update you with all the nominees in the following weeks.  So keep
surfing.  Until then, alli los watcho.
--30-- (printed with permission)