Celebrate X-mas like a Tejano

By Chito de la Torre
    You got your masa and you're ready to embarrar hojas til your hands are as
wrinkeled as your tatarabuelas', but  you're worried that you may run out of
things to say to
your fellow embarradores for the next six hours of the tamalada.  
    One solution could be to fake the flu, pero then your concerned 'ama may
not let you
eat any of the tamales becuase tu sabes que la manteca may just upset your
pansa even
    A better solution is to put on some Christmas carols Tejano style and let
the music
rock you through the evening.  All you need for that is EMI Latin's latest
xmas CD, Navidad Tejana.
    Navidad Tejana will give your celebration a Tejano twang that will have you
chiles on an open fire in no time.  Some of the artists on the Tejana
Navidad include, La
Tropa F, Elsa Garcia, Intocable, David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, Delia
Gonzalez y
Culturas, la Sombra, Gavino, Los Agues, Pete Astudillo and Jennifer y los
    You got tunes like "Rodolfo," perfromed by Jennifer y Los Jetz.  It's a
Spanish version
fo Rudolph the red-nose Reindeer, with one big difference.  Jennifer's
version is  the kind of
carol that will make you want to chanclear as much as sing along.  La Tropa
F's "Llego
Navidad" (by Jaime Farias) is a nice song tambien and it kicks off the CD as
the first track. 
Although not all the tunes are cheery. Some are pretty emotional.
    Por ejemplo, there is Jose Alfredo Jimenez's classic song about lost love,
Navidad" as performed by La Tropa F.  Another conjunto oriented song that
tells an unusual
Christmas story is "Regalo de Navidad," as sung by Intocable, en la cual el
cantante solo pide que le gegalan un poquito de amor.
    Check out Navidad Tejana this holiday season.  It will make listening to r
tia Chencha's old stories about los tiempos de ella a little more bearable.  
--30-- (printed with permission)