Trucking right along

By Chito de la Torre

When you think Tejano, you think trucks. Pos think again. If you are David Lee Garza, you drive a 1996 Jaguar y si eres Oscar De La Rosa (de la Mafia) manejas BMW.

But there are still some very traditional Tejanos around.

For example Emilio, who is sponsored by Ford, drives a very nice truck and Michael Salgado drives not one, but two Dodge trucks.

Michael got the pair of trucks as part of his deal with the Chrysler Corporation, his newest sponsor. You'll begin seeing and hearing commercials for Dodge by Michael sometime in `97.

If you'r asking yourslef, why does Michael need two trucks, the answer may be to move his family around in.

Michael Salgado is a proud new daddy. His son, Andrew Michael Salgado acaba de cumplir seis meses de edad. According to people in the know, Michael is not married, but does spend a lot of time with his son's mom, who Michael refers to as someone very special in his life.

--30-- (printed with permission)