Tejano Gold strikes in `97

By Chito de la Torre

The Tejano Gold countdown radio show debuts in 35 markets across the US and Mexico the first weekend in January. This is the first true national count-down show featuring Tejano music anywhere.

The Tichenor Media System (KXTN in San Antonio) people of course have a countdown show hosted by Johnny Ramirez. But that show is limited to the the stations owned by TMS. The Texas Talent Musicians Association (producers of the Tejano Music Awards) also have a a couple of excellent national shows, "Pura Onda" and "The Tejano Music Awards National Radio Show", but neither use a count-down format.

According to Rudy Trevino, host and executive producer of the show, Tejano Gold is in "solid , major markets" and is expanding every week. (FYI: this is not Rudy R. Trevino of the Tejano Music Awards)

Although the Tejano Gold show is in major markets like Houston (KQQK), Dallas (KRBA), El Paso (KINT), Chicago (WKKD), and even in Monterrey, Mexico (La Tejanita 100.1), it has not settled into a station in San Antonio. That's ironic for two reasons.

San Antonio is the Capital of Tejano music as the TMA promotes. You'd think that the show would be picked up here in a flash, but it met some resistance. The second reason that I find it strange that San Antonio not air Tejano Gold is that the show's host, is from San Antonio and even worked in San Antonio radio before taking a news anchor position in Fresno California.

Having heard the shows demo CD, I can say it's hot! It's backed by ABC radio, the same people that produce the weekly American Gold radio show. But unlike American Gold, Tejano Gold focuses on contemporary hits, not oldies. Tejano Gold is loaded with exlcusive interviews, news and a weekly countdown of the top 20 songs as rated by both Billboard and Radio Y Musica.

Check out the show. You'll like it. And if you are in a city that does not air it. Don't worry too much. A show this good is bound to be picked up soon.

--30-- (printed with permission)